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UPDATED: March 2006

**Please note the updates for rule 1, 3, 5 and new addition of #7.**

1. ANYONE may participate. (If you're lookin' to restrict a Round Robin, yer in the wrong section of town. LOL). However, there are times in a story when dialoge or action will go back and forth between two or more characters/authors for a scene. Please adhere to rules of the cue. If you weren't cued, don't post until such time as the cue is opened to anyone. Authors need to remember tho', do not abuse the rule of the cue by trying to monopolize the story this way.

2. Posts to the story are strongly encouraged follow that which has been previously written, in order to maintain continiuity. However, no one person may dominate the story by telling everyone else what to post. The whole point of a Round Robin is to come up with something in which the other participants must react to, and so on. Don't be predictable...but don't write something so far off that it's unrecognizable as to how it fits in with the rest of the story.

3. Please don't post your greivances about a particular RR (whatever the grievence may be) within the story thread of that particular RR. It's really distractin' to the story. Disputes over posts should be resolved with the participants if possible and should be done off the boards and NOT within the story thread. If agreement can not be reached, then the dispute will be brought before an administrator (myself, for example). If there is a request to delete a particular post it will be put to a vote by all those who have participated in the RR, providing all members have included an authentic email address at which they can be contacted at in their profile (the email does not have to be "public." As administrator, I can see everyone's emails.) No real email, no vote. All voting is done off the boards with each participant emailing their vote to the administrator. The administrator will then tally the votes and make the decision on a majority rules basis.

4. It is up the participants of the RR's (particularly the individual who started the RR) to archive their fics to be placed in the Round Robin section of the Fanfic section of Hazzardnet.com (if they wish to do this). This includes compling all posts into a single file, editing the posts together to make the story flow and crediting all participants of the RR.

5. Original characters from the show are "open" for anyone to use in their posts. For example, say I (MaryAnne) write a post with Rosco (duh. LOL). Anybody else can post a few lines from Rosco as well. HOWEVER...if, say, Bo and Luke are currently involved in a scene at the courthouse, or they're in jail, don't go posting in your post that they're suddenly back at the farm or at the Boar's Nest. Remember, folks, continuity!!

6. Fanfiction characters are exclusive to their authors only. Don't post anything with another person's character without asking permission first. Co-authored posts are allowed.

7. Please try to keep the language to a minimum (the popular Coltranese of *$(%!*% always works nice. LOL). Also, please be aware that we have a wide range of age groups that visit this site. Please keep your stories within the G to PG13 range. Slash fiction is not allowed here at HNet.

8. Rules are subject to revisions and changes as needed.

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