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Where did they Film?


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I am an old fan...and would like to know where specifically in California did they film the original series, well besides Hollywood. I am looking for specific location so I can go see if there is anything left. I understand the fires last year destroyed alot of it. So I would need to know what little town. valley name, landmark of any kind etc so I can locate the area in the country that they did most of the chase scenes.

Thanks In advance

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Hi Charging01,

First of all welcome to Hazzardnet!

Only thing I know is the backwoods chase scenes on the original series were shot 20 miles northwest of Los Angeles in the Lake Sherwood area on the Walt Disney Ranch. The first five episodes were filmed in and around Covington, Georgia.

Hope ya can do something with that!


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Georgia was the main scenes, but if you can find the show "THE LIFE AND TIMES OF THE DUKES OF HAZZARD", everything you want to know about the dukes and hazzard is all documented in that show.

Been awhile since I watched it,I have it on vhs,and I think it was a 2 hour show,like I said been awhile since I watched it!

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