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Wanted: Good ideas for bad deeds

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Rosco and MaryAnne looked over the note, MaryAnne holding it gingerly to avoid touching the gum. "It's awright, Val," MaryAnne said. "Brian wouldn't be Brian if he didn't try to instigate somethin'." She smiled at the Game Warden, the three of them oblivious to what had been left in Brian's car, which was not ten feet away from them. "Besides, me and Rosco have something in mind for Brian anyway..."

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HIlery has retrieved her obediant only to her and who ever she says they are to listen to and only those people felines.

"Boot's, scooter, do me a favor. Drive the hazzard PD loco. I mean it. drive them mad by complaining for attention. DO ANYTHING YOU HAVE TO. jump on the table,get cat hair in their coffee, knock over stacks of paper. Just don't hurt them. Get in through the windows or hte doors. I know thye are push open and the windows are always open and never have screens. Run if they call the pound or try to catch you to put you out, but cause all the mayhem you can while running." The young davenport gets up and the cat's run off to complete their mission.

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The display reached zero and with it came a massive explosion -- plumes of thick black smoke climbed high into the sky, drifting over the top of the building...

Daney leaned against the brick wall of the alley and out of breath. Her eyes burned. She was doubled over.. but it was worth it, saving Diablo. No one had been hurt, just a dumpster from the bomb.

"Ohhh," She muttered softly. Daney recognized the blond person who planted the bomb. Had anyone else?

She felt a tug on some of her long hair.

"You ok?" a familar, older male voice replied.

Daney smiled. "I'm tired, sir."

"I know," And with that he guided her back toward the street. He stopped for a moment and picked up two cats that were running toward the Courthouse. He held them as tenderly as he held Velvet Ears, but a tight enough grip that neither of Hilery's cats could scrim away. "You fellas shouldn't be near that building... Bandit and Flash will have you for doggy num nums." A smile brightened his face.

A few moments later, they joined MaryAnne.

(Now for a twist... From here to whenever, MaryAnne Coltrane will be writing my lines/scenes. I ask no one else do so, as MaryAnne is the only one I gave permission too. Thank you, Deputy!! Good luck and have fun.)

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The sound of the explosion made Brian jump. He looked in the direction of the blast and saw a volcano of trash spew into the air, followed by a billow of smoke.

"Sonofagun. Looks like MacGyver is puttin' a whole new twist on recyclin'! Maybe he's tryin' to impress Val with his enviro-mental side. Khee!"

Shrugging to himself, Brian resumed his walk to across town. He went into the Hazzard Dry Cleaners, phase one of his plan about to take place. He cleared his throat for the clerk's attention. "Scuze me, ma'am. I'm here to pick up the Hazzard County Sheriff's Department uniforms."

"Do you have a ticket?" The woman behind the counter asked.

"Sure do! Several of 'em. Speedin', illegal parkin'....."

"No, I mean for the dry cleaning."

Brian rummaged around in his jacket pockets, pretending to look for the dry cleaning ticket. "Uh...hell, I must have lost it! Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane gave me the money, tho'. See?" *flashes a couple of twenty dollar bills* "Ol' Rosco is gonna be mighty sore at me if I don't get those uniforms to him!"

"I suppose it's no crime to lose a dry cleaning ticket. Let's keep the Sheriff happy," the woman said. She handed over three uniforms on hangers covered in clear plastic, and accepted the money from Brian.

"Thank ya, ma'am!" This much accomplished, Brian hustled from the dry cleaners. He paused to take off his black jacket and hang it over the top of the uniforms. No one would be the wiser; the uniform pants were black, after all, and with his jacket hiding the blue shirts, he appeared to be carrying his own laundry to Diablo's trunk.

Reaching the black Chevy, Brian tossed two of the uniforms into the trunk and kept the third one out for immediate use. It appeared to belong to Enos by the looks of the shirt size. "Heh. I'm about to be an instant dipstick." Brian kept his jacket over the uniform and scuttled to an alley to change clothes.

The uniform wasn't a perfect fit; it was a little tight but close enough. By leaving the shirt collar open, Brian found the outfit serviceable. It felt odd, though, to see his arms covered in blue material instead of the familiar black sleeves of his jacket. He had just finished tucking in the shirt when a hiss greeted him from the end of the alley.

He turned to find one of Hilary's cats eyeing him with an evil stare. It fuzzed up and began to pad towards him.

"Gah…nice kitty…go find Val! She's got mice!" The cat ignored Brian's suggestion and broke into a run, zeroing in on the Hazzard police uniform.

"Oh no ya don't. You're not getting cat hair all over this uniform - I've only had it on for two minutes! How do you varmints sense clean clothes like this?"

Brian scooped up his discarded black clothes and ran to the opposite end of the alley. He didn't see Hilery's other cat until the ornery beast darted out in front of his feet and he tripped over it, performing an unintended flying somersault into a few trash cans, scattering them loudly with his full-body impact. The noise sent the cats skittering away, their mission accomplished.

Slowly, Brian got up, kicked the tipped-over garbage cans aside, and took a deep breath. "@#%&! This is gonna be a rough gig. No wonder Rosco n' MaryAnne are constantly goin' through uniforms…"

Fortunately, his borrowed uniform wasn't in too bad of shape. Brian brushed the dirt off of it, re-gathered his own clothing, and walked back to Diablo. He put his clothes in the car, and strolled over to the bulletin board. He frowned at MacGyver's note, knowing that sooner or later the town wouldn't be big enough for the both of them. Meanwhile, there was this stranger, offering to help pull off the hell-raising.

It could be a trap…but the help was welcome. Brian left a reply:


I could use fashion accessories, if you dig. I got the main threads but need the jewelry, the belt, and the squawk box. Could obtain on my own but would risk getting skinned alive. You got an easier option?

Thanks, man.


Brian then scanned the notes from Essy, Val, and Hilery. He left a note for the three of them.

Hey y'all -

If any of you can get your hands on a clunker Plymouth Fury, let me know. A white one would be a plus. Thank ya,


Finally, his eyes caught the warning posted by MaryAnne. Grinning, Brian scratched out a few of the words and changed the meaning, effectively making the note read:

To the town of Hazzard -

Rosco and I remind you that there is disobedience and criminal mischief.


"KHEEHAHA!!" Grinning, Brian left the bulletin board to take another stroll around town. It was time to get a taste of life in uniform.

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NOw if anyone is wondering why Scooter, the black cat, and boots, the red and white cat weren't with rosco anymore, Hilery had sprung them, but had told them to complete their mission. She had watched them attack Brian and felt awful. He was the one they were supposed to be covering, not attacking.

"SHould have been more specific," she muttered as the felines came back to her. "Guys, GO attack the REAL sheriffs department and don't get caught again!" she told them as they scurried off. Looking around, hilery went back to the board and posted another message for brian.


Got the spare, and it's done early, by 3 days. Part came in early. You can pick it up when ya ready.


PS. Sorry bout the cats. though, you should have left your jacket on until maryanne and Rosco went out on patrol. MIght have saved yourself from crashign into the cans. tell cooter that Rosco and MA asked you to pick it up, or if need be, i'll deliver it if he get's suspicious.

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"You okay, Daney?" MaryAnne asked. The Duke woman nodded. "What the heck happened?"

"Somebody put a bomb in Brian's car," Daney replied. "I took it out and threw it into the dumpster."

"You coulda been blown up with it!" Rosco exclaimed.

"So could you two, with Val! Y'all weren't even ten feet away from Diablo."

"Well look, we're all here and we're all okay. Let's not debate who coulda been blown to smithereens." MaryAnne looked at Daney. "Did you see who put it in Brian's car?"

Daney nodded.

"Do you know who it is?"

Daney nodded again. "I'm pretty sure."

"Good. I'd like to have a talk with this person, tryin' to blow up Diablo and ruinin' my plan. Sheesh!" MaryAnne grinned.

"What is your plan?" Daney asked.

"Can't tell ya," Rosco said. "Khee! Top secret."

"Uh oh," Daney smiled. "This oughta be a doozy..."


A little later, after Rosco released Boots and Scooter and they went running after Brian, MaryAnne went over to the dry cleaners to pick up the uniforms...

"What do you mean somebody else picked 'em up?? I've got the ticket." MaryAnne held the ticket up.

"I'm sorry, MaryAnne, but he said Rosco sent him over. He paid the bill."

"Who paid it?"

"I'm not sure...he was wearing black, he had dark hair, dark eyes--"

"Nevermind, I know who it is." MaryAnne tossed the ticket on the counter and walked out of the dry cleaning shop. "Of all the things he's ever paid for in his life, he pays the Sheriff's dry cleaning bill. Sheesh!" She headed back towards the courthouse and the bulletin board where Rosco was already standing. But he was looking toward the square.

"Whatchya lookin' at?"

"A dipstick deputy."

"Rosco, I told you not to call me that--"

"Not you." He pointed. "Him."

MaryAnne looked. Across the square, a deputy Sheriff of Hazzard County was sasshaying around. She snorted. "I was gonna tell ya that somebody picked up our dry cleaning for us...guess you already know."

"He picked it up?"

"Yep. Paid for it too. Of all the things..." MaryAnne watched Brian across the square. "He looks a little outta place. No gunbelt, no accessories..."

"He'll have 'em soon enough."

MaryAnne looked at Rosco and he pointed at the board. She read the messages Brian had left.

"Ohhh...heh heh. I see he altered my message, tsk. He's lookin' for a Fury too. Shoot heck, he don't neccessarily need a Fury to be a cop."


"But it's gotta be white."

"Yup. Khee!"

MaryAnne grinned. "Before we do that, let's put Diablo in the impound garage. I don't want somebody tryin' to blow it up again."

Rosco nodded. A few moments later the two officers were pushing the black Impala towards the backside of the courthouse and the impound garage. The car was put under lock and key.

"There. He'll thank us in the end," MaryAnne said.

"No, he won't," Rosco replied.

"Well..." MaryAnne smiled. "In his own way, he will. Khee!"

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The stuntman stranger found Brian's message a little while later. He grinned and wrote a reply:


No problem on getting the accessories. I can have them for you before the afternoon is out. I'm driving a cream colored Pontiac Grand Prix. It's a rental car. You can't miss it. You might have to give me a ticket...heh...


The stuntman grinned and posted his message. Who said Hazzard wasn't fun?

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The newly disguised Coltrane walked down the sidewalk, he had just passed the Hazzard Emporium when a dark figure reached out and grabbed him, pulling him in the alley beside the building. He was thrown up against the brick wall and a handkerchief soaked with chloroform was pressed against his nose and mouth.

"Hello Brian...ready to have some FUN?"

A voice hissed in Brian's ear as blackness enveloped him.

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The figure dragged the unconscious Coltrane to a more isolated location, laying him down on a filthy old bed and handcuffing his hands behind him. A chain was hooked to the cuffs and attached to the footrail. A bandana was pulled from his backpocket and used a gag.

"There... all SECURE! Time to call in some reinforcements."

A black cell phone was taken out of a jacket pocket and a number was dialed...

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Groggily, Brian blinked his eyes and oriented himself to the dingy surroundings. A few problems registered to his mind immediately: First and foremost, he was still dressed a cop and had been captured by his enemy. Secondly, a gag prevented him from swearing about it.

Worst of all, he was laying on his back, hands cuffed behind him - and when he tugged, he found that a chain connected the handcuffs to the footrail of the bed. He could not pull himself up to a sitting position.

Brian's dark eyes watched Mac near the foot of the bed. His captor was making a phone call...and Brian had the feeling if that call was completed, it was all over.

Thinking fast, Brian tested the chain by moving his arms down his back slightly, rather than up...and found that the chain went slack. Awright, it was better than nothing...

Before Mac realized what the scheme was, Brian manuvered himself lower on his back, drawing his legs up and bucking his way down the center of the bed, gaining more slack in the chain the closer he got to the footrail. With a desperate, kicking lunge, he hurled himself over the footrail, having enough slack to now stand upright, though he remained effectively chained to the bed.

But so what. With a vicious kick of one black boot, Brian sent the cell phone flying from Mac's hand. A second kick to Mac's knee sent the man to the floor...

...though this was temporary and probably futile, and Brian knew it. He lunged forward, pulling hard against the chain, like a draft horse against an impossible weight, hoping for the preverbial weak link to break in the chain...and give him a slight chance at escape.

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"Stupid Son of a--!" Mac got up from the floor, he grabbed the chain that held the captive man to the bed and jerked it back, sending Brian flying backwards onto the floor. He stuck his hiking boot down onto his neck and pressed it there, not hard but enough to keep Brian's dark eyes focused on his kidnapper's face.

"Another STUNT like that again and they'll never find your body!"

Mac grabbed the chain and dragged Brian back to the bed and shoved him face down onto it. He pressed a knee against his back as he removed the chain and replaced it with another cuff that was attached to the ones around his wrists.

"That should hold you now." Mac got up and picked up the phone that had slid across the grungy floor.

"Think by doing that you were going to stop the call? No, I don't think so." He closd the phone and pocketed it.

"Help should be arriving within the hour."

A short time later Mac opened the door and to Brian's surprise a beautiful red haired woman, dressed in a short jean skirt and a pink tank top came into the room. She smiled as she pulled the blond man into her arms for a deep lingering kiss.

"So that's him huh?"

Mac's dark eyes narrowed as he took the young woman by the hand and went over to the bed, jerking the bandana out of Brian's mouth.

"Brian Coltrane this is Gillian MacKenzie...my reinforcements."

"Charmed I'm sure." Gillian slid her arm around MacGyver'a waist.

"Standard SOP?"

"Yeah, leave this on the bulletin board in town." He handed her a folded up paper that she stuck in her pocket.

"I'm on it." Gillian put her sunglasses back on as she walked out the door.

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MacGyver's chocolate eyes narrowed as he leaned a little closer to his prisoner.

"Don't be fooled Brian, she'd kill you without even blinking an eye. She's as deadly as she is beautiful, like an oleander flower." A cold grin lit up his face.

"But she's my partner, and we're the deadliest duo you're ever going to meet. Makes those Syndicate men look like choir boys." He stuffed the gag back in Brian's mouth.

"You just keep your mind on your situation and off of Gillian."

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Gillian walked down the sidewalk, her dark eyes taking in everything. Her assassin instincts were on high alert as she made her way passed the Courthouse, heading for the bulletin board.

She slipped her glasses down low on her nose as she pulled the paper from her pocket and stuck a pin through it; turning away from the board. The note read...

Brian Coltrane is my guest.... if any of you want to see him alive then don't bother to look for him. I see one COP, one PATROL CAR or even one SUSPICIOUS person looking around Hazzard, the only thing you'll find of Brian is his bones.

Gillian headed back up the sidewalk and passed the Courthouse, seeing a brunette woman in a black tank top and jeans staring at her. She ignored her, moving up the sidewalk slowly. As she passed a large white house she heard the sounds of footsteps behind her.

Picking up the pace on her walking, Gillian crossed the street ducking behind a building. She watched as the brunette woman stepped to the edge of the curb, pulling off her sunglasses as she looked around.

Quick as a rattlesnake Gillian snagged the young woman around her neck and muffled her scream of surprise.

"You're following the wrong woman and now you have a problem. Make one sound and I'll snap your neck, got it?"

Daney nodded. Years of being a P.I. made her keep any emotion from her face but her pulse went racing. She took a deep breath and took a step forward as the woman gave her a nudge.

A short time later Gillian shoved Daney through the door as Mac stood up.

"What happened?" He saw the scowling face of his partner.

"Little Miss Nosey here started following me."

MacGyver nodded as he walked up to the brunette, looking her up and down.

"Thought you'd be a hero huh?" He grabbed her by the wrist and spun her around, slapping cuffs on her and giving her a shove. She ended up face down on the bed beside Brian and turned around, her back against the headboard.

"It doesn't matter, our Boss doesn't care who else gets taken along with Brian."

Gillian crossed her arms over her chest. "She's a complication we don't need."

Mac shrugged. "Don't worry about it, if all else fails she's an insurance policy." He walked around the bed and stood beside it, glaring down at the young woman.

"And your name is?"

"It's Daney," Daney replied politely. She looked over at Brian with deep concern in her hazel eyes, then stared back at the man and woman. "What do you want with us?"

Mac bent at the waist, moving closer to her. "This isn't a question and answer session Daney. The important thing is you're here and for now that's all you need to know." He straightened back up and motioned to her with his chin.

"Find something to gag her with, I've got to make a call."

Gillian nodded as she pulled a handkerchief out of her pocket and tied it around Daney's head.

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MaryAnne had seen the red headed woman leave a message on the bulletin board. After the woman left, MaryAnne walked up to see what it said.

"Oh Lord..." She sighed. "Dagnabbit!" She ran into the courthouse.

"Rosco, we may be in trouble."

Rosco looked down from the booking desk. "When are we NOT in trouble?" he deadpanned.

"Somebody kidnapped Brian. They left a message on the board. If they see a cop or anybody suspicious trying to look for them all we're gonna find of him is bones."

"Jit! We are definetly in trouble! Any idea who depu-nabbed him?"

"I can hazard a guess."

"So can I. Big Mac?"

MaryAnne nodded. "With a side of fries. "


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While MaryAnne and Rosco digested the news of their cousin's capture, Brian's own thoughts were settling in his gut like stale bread, weighing down his spirit.

**I'm chained down to a bed, I'm in a cop uniform, I got no weapons, my car is parked out on the town square with my regular clothes in it...Lord knows what anybody will think upon findin' THAT. I'm bein' held by MacGyver and his homicidal girlfriend, and now Daney's been dragged into this...**

Brian sighed and shut his eyes a moment, not knowing what could come next and afraid to speculate on it. One minute, he had been out to raise a little hell, and the next thing he knew, he was having hell raised upon him. Was it the uniform? **Did I invoke some kinda curse on myself wearin' this thing?? Gah!**

Whatever came next, there was nothing much he could do, other than to stare hatefully at Mac, and chance the occassional wink at Gillian whenever he caught the woman's eye. These amusements were unfullfilling, however, in light of the fact that his taunts to MacGyver had somehow resulted in this unfortunate fate. **At least the sonofa# didn't mummify me in duct tape...**

Finally, Brian turned his head and looked at Daney. He didn't know how she got caught up in this, but he couldn't stand the idea of her getting hurt. He also feared for Rosco and MaryAnne...and come what may for himself, if the people he cared about remained safe, he'd call it an even trade.

His dark eyes met Daney's, and he blinked once, slowly, communicating without words.

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The stuntman had been sitting in his Grand Prix waiting for Brian when he witnessed Daney's kidnapping. He watched the red headed woman escort Daney across the square and when they disappeared he jumped out of his car and made a beeline for the courthouse.

To see him burst through the booking room doors, one would think they were seeing double. Although he wore jeans, a plaid shirt and jean jacket, his black stetson made him look pretty darn similar to the Sheriff that sat at the booking desk. And one Rosco P. Coltrane for Hazzard County was enough...but two?

MaryAnne turned around. "Cully!"

"Jit!" Rosco exclaimed. "What the heck are you doing here?"

Cully Dawson feigned offense. "You invited me, cousin, remember?"

"I don't mean that, I mean what are you doing HERE."

"I think we got some kinda trouble."

"Yeah, see?" MaryAnne looked at Rosco. "He picks up on that kinda stuff too."

"Well he's got enough Coltrane in 'em..." Rosco said.

"Listen, I just saw this red headed lady kidnap some other girl!"

"Really??" MaryAnne said. "Man, it must be open season..."

"Whatya mean?"

"Somebody kidnapped Brian," Rosco said. "They left a note on the board."

"That explains why I haven't seen him for him to pick up his accessories," Cully said.

"Come to think of it," MaryAnne said. "It was a red head that I saw at the bulletin board." She looked at Cully. "Did you see which way they went?"

"I can give ya a general idea."

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Mac and Gillian were in deep hushed conversation with their backs to their prisoners...

Daney lips were in a smile under the gag from Brian’s unspoken words. She saw how nervous Brian was in this position and did the only thing she could to give him a little piece of mind and comfort. She scooted over enough and rubbed noses with him, it was the Indian sign for affection/friendship. She took a peek at Gillian and Mac again, then decided to risk the idea that had been in her brain since the handcuffs had been placed on her.

30 seconds later, Daney had the cuffs off thanks to a bobby pin from her hair. She took the gag off and smiled at Brian. Then she slid off the bed and crept over behind the couple. She took her belt off and snaked it around Gillian's neck, while her right leg came up and kicked Mac in the head. She kept the grip on the belt tight enough that Gillian could not get away. She moved around until her back was against the window, Gillian was a shield and if Mac tried to get her, he'd sent both of them through the glass. The blonde man groaned as he lay dazed on the floor.

Daney looked over at Brian and winked. She adored him, he was a great friend. He seemed a little more comfortable now. She turned a fiery stare to Mac. "Though you were dealin' with just some country hick? I don't think so! I happen to be a P.I., and been in way more difficult spots than what you just did." Daney paused and cleared her throat. "Here in Hazzard, we got something called Southern Justice." Daney grinned seeing some friendly faces in the window behind Mac. "Don't move Mac and cheese or I'll take your wife here to the flip side." Daney fibbed, she would never hurt someone on purpose.

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Mac looked up at the brunette woman, a smile coming to his face as he sat partially up.

"Very good Daney... I commend you. But if you think for one MINUTE I'd be DUMB enough to let you do this, you're crazy."

He glanced at Gillian, seeing her red face as her fingers touched the belt around her throat, trying to pry it away enough to breathe a little easier.

"Sorry Gillian."

She tried to speak but Daney only jerked the belt harder against her throat, causing her to grit her teeth.

MacGyver raised his hand and quickly stuck it in his jacket, pulling his Beretta out and cocking it, aiming it at Brian.

"Now...you let her go or Brian gets it."

MacGyver stared at her, his brown eyes narrowed and deadly serious.

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Daney bit her lip and looked over at Brian apologetically. She didn't want to leave him. She should’ve gotten him loose first. Now it was too late... Please forgive me, Brian.

A smile came over her lips remembering a friend’s advice. She was going to have to take another risk... sixth sense told her that Mac was a soulless creep with no mercy. But his vice was the woman, who Daney had ahold of. She could tell by how the couple had interacted. “No Mac, I don’t think so.†She kept a firm grip on the belt and moved toward the door with Gillian, her back stayed against the wall and her hazel eyes focused on Mac and Brian. She made a quick reach for the door handle and opened it...

“If anything happens to Brian... you’ll never see Gillian again, Mac.†Daney promised and before she could hear his reply, disappeared outside with the red haired woman.

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MacGyver watched her leave and nodded.

"Okay Brian... if thats the way she wants to play."

He got up from the floor and went over to the bed, pressing the barrel of the black gun between Brian's eyes. He leaned down close, two pairs of deep brown eyes focusing on one another.

"What do you think Brian?" Mac traced the barrel slowly across his sweating brow, tracing it over his cheekbones.

"I think you're little girlfriend is full of it... I don't think she's got the GUTS to kill Gillian. But I DO know that the minute Gillian gets her CHANCE Daney is a dead woman."

He jerked the gag out of Brian's mouth, the captured man coughing slightly, licking his lips.

"So... give me a reason not to blow you away right NOW?"

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Brian took in a few shallow breaths before answering. "Listen, Mac. I know what you're thinkin'. You're figurin' you should shoot me and then go get Gillian outta Daney's hands. You're just waitin' until Daney's farther away, and maybe she won't hear it. 'Specially if you put a pillow over my face and muffle the shot."

Taking a dry swallow, Brian continued. "Maybe Gillian could get the upper hand on Daney. Maybe not. Thing is, you kill me here, and you lose a chess piece, Mac. And if I heard ya right....you mentioned havin' a boss of some kind. This is a payin' job for you, ain't it?"

Brian gathered his resolve, and his dark eyes looked back at his captor with a bitter understanding. "You're just wonderin' if it's worth keepin' the job right now. And if my beggin' for mercy makes any damn difference....then let me swallow my pride and say one thing....."


A grim smile appeared on Brian's face after the outburst. The dice were about to be cast. The lingering regret was if the roll came up snake eyes...he was about to die in a police uniform, ironic indignity that it was.

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