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Generals Highest Jump

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I think there was a record-breaking jump across a river, the one they show in the opening credits, but I forget which episode it originally appeared it. I know they re-played it in "Happy Birthday General Lee" and supposedly it was the first jump it ever made. I think that was the longest. I dunno about the highest. Anyone else know?

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Jumps are categorized by type.Dirt to dirt,Asphalt to dirt,ect. The jump at Dukesfest 2003 broke the record for asphalt to dirt at 193 feet. The jump across the river, Styx river or Indian Dunes depending on how you call it was approx 230 ft.Probably was the highest too. Now the Oxnard train jump(Grannie Annie) was asphalt to asphalt and reported at over 200 feet. The very first jump is arguable.It was either jump in One Armed Bandits. The jump on Elm street the first jump in the episode some claim was the first but others claim the one at Oxford College later in the episode and used at the end of the opening credits was the first jump. Little piece of trivia,the Indian Dunes jump was filmed at the spot where Vic Morrow fell victim to a helicopter during the filming of the Twilight Zone movie.

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Been looking for some additional info on this. I don't recall where I first read about it, whether it was on this forum or CGLFC.com, but I do recall another person inquiring about the highest jump. I recall one of the forum members posting something to the effect that the highest jump was during an episode when General Lee leaped over uncle Jesse's truck. Maybe it was "Pin the Tail on the Dukes" ? Don't know for sure, so it could have been another episode. The person even claimed to have a unique photo of the jump from a completely different angle (as I recall), and that it was signed/autographed with something to the effect: ". . . world's highest jump . . ."

It would be interesting to get some official statistics for altitude - saaaay the top 7 for height? Who's the General Lee guru here? lol

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