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Searching for "the" Charger....

Captain D

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Hello all,

This is my first post here at the HazzardNet, and I'm happy to see that there are quite a few Duke fans around! :D

I was just curious to see if anyone has, or knows someone who has, a 1969 Dodge Charger. I can do the paint job, install the dixie horn, and apply the decals. So, I'm lookin' for a Charger that runs fairly well with a descent body. Interior is not that big of a deal neither, I can take care of that also. I've been checkin' Ebay off n' on with no real luck. I've seen a few chargers but I would have to sell my left kidney to pay for it, and then some, :wink: .

Any info would be greatly appreciated & thank you for your time!

Kindest Regards,



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Good luck. I've wanted one forever.

There was a white 69 down the street where I live, the guy had it since 87 (2 owner ca car-383, 727 out)

I went there last year to the house with $5000 cash in my pocket- and they laughed and said never...


Fast forward to last week, my bro is @ our shop, I'm at work and would be gone for the rest of the day. The guy comes by the shop, saying the car might be for sale- aprrox $2500). I roll there as soon as I hear this directly after work, the car is GONE :(:( Nobody has been there for like 3 days either (i've been driving by twice a day)

I know it's not the General, but here's a car I just got going, I gave it to my dad for his b-day-

67 Sport Fury 383/727 sorry the pic is all blurry my camera was acting up...100_1836.jpg

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