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Dixie paint job?

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Can anyone tell me a good place in:

New York/Massachusetts/Pensylvania/Connecticut

that can do a decent Dixie paint job? I'm using a '92 Jeep, although I know Dixie's a CJ7, but I need something to tide me over until I can buy a Charger to make into a General! Please, help! Oh, and any other details can and will help. Thanks!

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As far as paint it's Just white. ANy body shop can do that. You would need to get a Golden Eagle Decal which is easily attainable.

You can get that here


Cheapest Place I found.

As for the Dixie Decal on the side I found a local sticker guy who will do it for me from a picture or I was even thinking of leaving the golden eagle on the side like it was on Dixie when Daisy got it after the Duke boys trashed her Roadrunnner.

You can also change the front end of your YJ to a CJ for the cost of fenders, hood, grill and Round Headlights. It's a Direct bolt up to you YJ tub, they are virtually the same. Actually you can convert even the dash if you want as well, it is also easy to bolt up.

I know Jeeps so if you have any questions let me know.

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Slow. I put a couple grand into my 1999 in the last month or so. I needed to upgrade to a Slip Yoke Eliminator to get rid of my driveline vibes which meant new control arms and a CV driveshaft. I also got new rims and tires for it but I have actually done a little to Dixie though. I put some new shackles on so I have enough clearance for my 32's to go on. Daisy had 31's. Mine will be a little bigger but I upgraded tires on my Wrangler to a larger size and I have the 32's laying around and they only have a few thousand miles on them so I figured I would put them on Dixie. I am about ready to paint the rims for Dixie the appropriate copper/brown color. THen I will mount the tires on it. Body work will come in the spring along with the paint and decals.

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