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Dukes Movie is ALLRITE! Bo rulez!


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I've seen a copy of it, and I must say I love it. There'S some stuff that could be better, but wahtthehell. i'm glad ( but also sad, that they crashed Dodge Chargers again) that finally a movie has come out, that is rilly interesting for me. Country Rock, Muscle Cars and Hillbilly lifestyle.

That' my fetish. That's what I rilly dig. It's not easy in Germany when u are a freak like me. There's noc "Boars Nest" where u can hang out and drink a cold Coors. Yes I got me some american Budweisers (damn x-pensive her in Germany) and tomorrow we will invade the Cinema with 20 of my friends.

Hope the German translation won't be too bad.

The original Series was so bad translated, that I couldn't watch it when I was a kid, because I thought it was stupid. Liked only the Waylon Song, Daisy and the General.

As for Sean William Scott, i must say this was best role I have seen from him, and I can't understand why he's worriing. He is rilly cool there Just think of Dude where's my car s***.

But I hope they won't damage another Chargers for a second part...

Rock on..

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