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Can a big screen Dukes of Hazzard Movie really be as good as the show ? I mean even the movie moonrunners was good but when it does get made it will atleast be worth the wait, in the meantime we still have the dvd to take us back to those friday night when we sat down to watch Dukes so 01 will always ride forever.

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Howdy, John Duke!

Ya know, if the movie were to feature the original cast members, I'd say it could be as good as the show. I've always believed that the success of the show was in the rapport the cast members had for each other. Plenty of other tv shows have had hot cars in them, or some other gimmick, but Hazzard was real for us because the people involved made it real.

I think we're all looking forward to the movie with excitement and also some anxiety. It's gonna be kinda hard to imagine someone else drivin' the General. Look at the fit we all had durin' that unfortunate Coy n' Vance thing. Heh.

But it's good to see the Dukes legacy carryin' on. I think the movie will be worth the wait, so long as the script n' castin' is true to the spirit of the show. Meantime, the DVD takes us back to the place n' people we all know n' love.

Not too many folks remember the original airin' was on Friday nights. You must be a gen-u-whine longtime fan!


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