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Movie Casting Ideas


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In My oppinion some of the cast should be original cast members aswell as some new faces.

For Instance, Tommy Lee Jones would make a bad version of Roscoe p. coltrane because he lacks the personality of the charicter but, maybe a new charicter can be created with him in the movie or he can play Uncle Jesse's charicter ?

If that wont work then maybe someone like Kenny Rodgers can play Uncle Jesse's character or maybe George Carlin?

Roscoe p. coltrane's character can be played by, Don Knotts or Burt Renolds.

Brat Pitt would make a good Bo Duke character.

Luke Duke can be played by, Ashton Kutchner.

Daisy Duke's character would be better played by somebody like Jessica simpson or Paula Abdul.

Boss Hogg's character can be played by, Willard Scott or Don Imus.

Enos,Cletus,Cooter's characters remain the same original cast members.

Camio's by Willie Nelson, Tom Green, Jay Lenno, Fred Imus, Dale Earnhardt jr., Joe Peschi and Nick Nolte.

Those are just some ideas of cast members that would be a good fit for the cast.

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