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One Important thing about the new movie here...


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Alot of people didnt like he movie, casting, etc. but what do ya expect? its 2005! and made my broken lizard (which are pretty funny guys).

Anyways, point here... anyone ever see the Original "Gone in 60 Seconds"? all of the stunts and jumps were Real! the Re-make of "Gone In 60 Seconds" was a great movie yea, but they had to cut the frames per/sec down to 15 when Cage hit the nitro in the LA Flood control, where in the original they just put the pedal to the floor reguarless. the Jump in the new "Gone In 60 Seconds" was Computer Generated, the Original film was Not.

So what im Trying to say here is that the film makers kept some very important parts of the film (Jumps) Old School! no computers, just fast high flying cars and lotsa cameras. ya gotta respect that cousin's.

im gone.


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