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Info about the generals jumps


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i was readin my copy of 'hot rod' magazine today with the general on the cover (im sure you all have it) and i came across a piece of interesting info about the jumps involved in the movie...there were actually 4 jumps, 3 which were launched by catapults, and 1 which was manned...now if you remember in the movie there were only 3 jumps: the bridge, highway, and courthouse...well the courthouse jump scene was first performed with a stunt driver...the stunt cooridinator thought that the jump was too short, so the first unit guys performed a catapult jump with the same car...so in the courthouse you actually see 2 jumps (different angles), not one....

just wonderin if y'all would find this interesting...

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The courthouse jump required an itty bit jump too. This one was done with the driver ans it was s'posed to be the landing for the big jump. The car only jumped maybe a 3 foot high ramp and landed real hard, causing the driver door to pop open. Man, even the smaller jumps were awesome.

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