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MaryAnne watched the handshake between Brian and Alex and then looked at Chance. Brian was right, the answer to such a question would mean a great deal to his and Alex's future and MaryAnne was fully aware of this.

MaryAnne nodded to the lady gambler. "It would be helpful." She then grinned. "I take it you're the witness to whom I'm speaking?"

(Cue Chance!)

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Chance nodded. "Chet...ummm...kidnapped me and then confessed he stole the horses. He then told me his plans to sell the race horses. He wanted me to help deliver them. For that he would give me half the profit." She glances back to the two outlaws. "Plus any information he could get me on these two. Both offers I polity refused...*She grinned."...right after giving him a rather interesting suggestion for a new holster for his gun.

(Cue Alex, MaryAnne or Brian)

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Alex listened to Chance and shook his head.

"You weren't the only person Chet kidnapped, remember when you told me and Brian about him kidnapping your friend the saloon girl? Then he confesses to stealing those horses--" He then gazed at the Deputy.

"And that's not all he confessed Deputy, he told me and Brian in the saloon about how he and his gang stole a total of 9 race horses. They then split up and he took three while his gang took the other six. But then he and his gang had a falling out or something because he said they sold the horses and kept the money without him. Then he started a big ruckus both in the saloon and outside of it when we were taking him to the Sheriff's office."

Alex then glanced at Brian for a moment for verification to Chet's saloon confession and the trouble that started soon after.

(Cue Brian, MaryAnne or Chance!)

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Brian nodded at Alex's words...but the story was incomplete. The black-clad Coltrane looked at the ground, and quietly filled in the rest.

"Chet confessed to us that he'd stolen the horses....and then I made threats against 'em to see what his bounty might be worth. I decided to turn Chet in to the Sheriff, figurin' we'd pick up a reward...and then we'd sell the stolen horses ourselves. Lots of easy money. Only Chet gave us enuff grief that I decided we'd hang the silly son of a @#$&* instead."

Pausing, Brian gave a sigh. "We'd just about strung 'em up, too, when suddenly his gang comes pourin' into town. Chet made a move...Alex shot 'em....and I rode into the gang n' took most of 'em down. I caught a bullet for mah efforts....but when it was all over, Chet was bleedin' in the dirt, and most of his gang was dead."

Brian's eyes lifted back up to meet the Deputy's. "Since I was wounded n' couldn't get far, I convinced Alex to take the stolen horses and leave town. I'd planned to meet up with him later, and we'd live on the money from sellin' those horses. 'Cept neither of us got far. The lady gambler caught up with me. She hid me in a cabin...probably saved my life with her herb recipie n' bandages. Then the saloon girl joined us, and I eventually got word of Alex bein' arrested..."

It was here that the words broke off, and Brian took a long moment to continue. "I realized Alex was gonna pay for my crimes. Everythin' had been mah idea so I couldn't let that happen. I rode back to town to break him outta jail. Of course, when I saw y'all together, I thought he'd sold me out....but...you know all that."

With a deep, settling breath, Brian made a request. "MaryAnne...let Alex go. This mess wasn't his doin'....he's just a drifter caught up in a whirlwind. Take me in, instead....and let him go."

(cue anybody!)

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MaryAnne listened thoughtfully to each person's story and found the pieces all fit together. Although she appreciated everyone's honesty it didn't completely eleveate the guilt. However, any sentencing MaryAnne had planned to issue would be significantly reduced.

"He may be a drifter caught in a whirlwind but he had a choice about it. I can't ignore the fact that I caught him with three stolen horses. I'm taking you in too, but I can't let Alex go just yet. The law's the law. Let's get back to town and find out where Chet ended up and see how busy the undertaker is going to be this week..."

MaryAnne nudged Phoenix's flanks and pulled the reins to turn the Appaloosa around. Quietly, the four riders headed back to town.

(cue anybody!)

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Daisy and Daney relieved to see people coming back into town…

Bo and Luke had caught Daney before she journeyed to the tavern for nothing. Since they had already spoken to Boss. She was thankful for their concern.

Rosco had come back with the news that Chet had escaped. There was no sign of Enos or Val Strate. He made sure the Dukes remained calm and all in one place. No sense in them running off and making more of a mess for him and MaryAnne to clean up.

(cue anybunny!)

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As the sun was dipping down below the horzion line, it was becomming harder and harder to make his way west ward. Enos held onto Justice's reins and guided the Tennesse Walker along the tree line. Deep inside he prayed that the gang had found a place to bed down for the night. However ruffianies like that would try to go as far as they can to make distance between themselves and the law. It'd be sheer luck if he ran into the troup tonight. Luck although, is a funny thing, because sometimes the things you are wishing for are the things you want to most avoid.

Now the blue hues of the night began to cloak around the brown tweed deputy. He swallowed hard, knowing darn well he shouldn't be out here at this time of night along looking for trouble. Justice made a slight whinny to his rider, that echoed his own thoughts.

"I know... I know... I don't like it either but we gotta find'em before they hurt someone else. Maybe the Sheriff found'em already." He then took in a shaky breath trying to reassure himself then patted the gray horse's neck, "Yeah... Yeah, that's it... maybe the Sheriff found'em already. Yeah..."

His hands shook slightly as he held the reins. Worry was setting in on his mind and he took a deep breath again. He looked off in the distance and saw a slight glow of what looked like a camp fire. His heart skipped a beat. Could it be? Was that the camp of the rouge horse theives? Had he found it?

(cue anyone)

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Thoughts of those rustlers, along with the unknown final fate of Chet Duke, haunted Brian as he rode into town. He had the feeling that Hazzard wasn't going to be safe for anybody, as long as those wild cards remained at the bottom of the deck.

The law, especially, wouldn't be safe....

Brian looked out the corner of his eye at MaryAnne. She was herding them directly to the hoosegow. Given all that had happened, Brian didn't blame her. Yet, the idea that he and Alex were going to be locked up, while Chet and his gang were loose to do Lord-knew-what, filled his heart with ambivalence. MaryAnne would no doubt go hunting for the band of rustlers....and they played for keeps.

Brian glanced over at Alex. The blonde drifter had been watching him, probably having similar thoughts. Slowing Damascus just a fraction, Brian nudged his horse closer to the buckskin Alex rode. He spoke as quietly as he could, hoping not to be overheard by MaryAnne.

"Alex...ah'm gettin' the feelin', that once you n' me are sent up the river...the damn is gonna break."

(Cue Alex!)

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Brian spoke the truth, Alex did have similar thoughts as the black clad outlaw at his side. Leaning a little in the saddle towards Brian, Alex nodded at what Brian had said.

"The dam is going to break Brian, and everyone including the Deputy and Sheriff just might get caught up in the flood." He glanced a moment at MaryAnne, the female Deputy a few hoofbeats in front of the pair of outlaws.

"What do you want to do? If we get locked up and Chet and his buddies are out and about..." Alex stopped talking and shook his head, he didn't finish his sentence... he didn't have to.

He watched Brian, waiting for his friend to add his two cents...

(Cue Brian!)

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"There ain't no if about us bein' locked up," Brian sighed. 'MaryAnne might not string us up, but she's sure as hell gonna have us breakin' rocks for awhile. Meantime, she's gonna go out after them rustlers, and risk gettin' shot up like a tin can."

After a moment's thinking, Brian added, "Min's still back at the cabin...and maybe this gamblin' woman can help us out somehow. But we can't run off now. We'd only be forcin' MaryAnne to do somethin' lawfully unpleasant. We gotta play it cool....and wait. I'm just hopin' the wait don't turn out to be twenty years."

(Cue anybody!)

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Riding in on a main rode at a steady canter, Chet turned his horses head and the horse replied by branching off onto a deer trail. The young Duke boy had used this trail on more then one occasion, it was a good short cut to town, well covered by the huge pines and the dense forest.

Also, by taking this trail he could get the drop on the town...even if he had no idea what he was gonna do when he got there. Chet came to a slow running creek and stopped his horse there so that Red could drink. Some thoughts suddenly occurred to Chet... he was going the wrong way. Why the hell was he heading back to town, his family didn’t want him, the law wanted him dead for horse stealing and the town eyed him like a bunch of vultures. Not to mention the problems he had had with the black clad stranger and the blonde haired slick.

Chet shook his head and began to build a smoke, his thoughts tumbling around in his head. Where could an outlaw draw the line? Was he wrong in going back to Hazzard, or was it the right thing to do. He flicked a match and lit his smoke breathing out the first drag in a hopeless sigh.

“Come on hoss... the sooner we get back to town. “ He took another drag and eased Red up the creeks opposite bank. “The sooner I get my fool neck hung....â€

The deer trail was easy going, an Chet jogged the tall Thoroughbred through the trees allowing the horse to pick its way through at its own free will.

(Cue Anyone...

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Chance had accompanied the outlaws into the jail and was leaning against the wall listening to their conversation. Being a witness, she figured she wasn't going to join them behind the bars. So maybe she had be of help doing the legwork for them.

"I can go get Min, and bring her back to town. She's probably worried about all of us. And I'll help out anyway I can."

It also didn't escape her thoughts that having put her chips on the side of the law probably put a big bulleye's on her back if Chet and his gang ever found out her betryal. After all, dead gamblers told no tales.

(cue anyone!)

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After everyone shuffled into the jail house, MaryAnne looked at Chance when the gambler lady spoke. "That's a good idea," the deputy said. "I think we're gonna need all the help we can get."

MaryAnne then turned and looked at Alex and Brian, who both stood awkwardly, their eyes avoiding both her and the jail cells off to their left.

"And bein' that's such, I'm gonna offer you two a choice. You can either cool your heels here in jail....or you can partake in a little community service in exchange for the jail time I'd be giving ya. You can ride with me and help me find Chet and what's left of his crew and haul 'em back here. And you'll be expected to conduct yourselves accordingly.....or else...

(Cue Alex and Brian)

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Alex took one last look at the jail cell, then back at the lady Deputy. He had already spent time in that small cell and didn't want to go back in, especially not knowing how long he might be a guest of the county.

He glanced at Brian, not sure what his friend wanted to do but to Alex the choice seemed pretty clear, help capture Chet or go to jail.

"All right Deputy.." Alex started in a low voice, then turned to face her.

"I'll help you get Chet and bring him in."

However, the question had been put to both outlaws and only one had answered. Alex then shifted towards Brian, waiting for his response to the Deputy's offer.

(Cue Brian!)

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Brian was concerned about the "or else " clause in MaryAnne's offer. It was clear that she wouldn't be permitting them to take the law into their own hands. When it came time to apprehend the rustlers, Brian knew that he and Alex would be required to obey whatever orders the law gave. Despite any conflicting opinions of their own. Or else.

Yet, the opportunity to help protect MaryAnne and rest of Hazzard, and keep his own rear out of jail , was an offer he couldn't refuse. With a sudden smile, Brian touched the brim of his hat, and gave MaryAnne a deep nod. "At yer service, Deputy."

(cue anybody!)

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Since everything seemed to be settled. Chance took that as her cue to leave the sheriff's office. She went to where Gambit had been tied. The grey mustang nuzzled her hand, looking for treats. Shaking her head, she petted his neck. "Sorry, boy, maybe Min has some, I'm all out."

The lady gambler swung herself into the saddle, adjusting the whip around her waist and the rifle into its hostler. She was halfway tempted to go scouting to Chet herself and save the deputy and the outlaws the trouble. She would gladly give him another dust bath for all the mischief he caused, but this time with the rope around his neck instead of his waist. But she told herself that would not only risk herself and her partner, but Brian and Alex's bid for freedom.

Chance turned Gambit onto the trail leading out of town, leading the grey horse towards the cabin. Within minutes of the last building disappearing from view, Gambit's ears pricked up as he scented another horse. She backed the mustang out of sight, curious to see who the approaching rider may be.

(cue anyone)

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Continuing on his deer path towards town Red suddenly laid his ears back and tossed his head pawing the ground. They were only about 20 yards from the main road, anyone passing by who by chance might be listening really close might hear them. Curiously Chet turned his horse back towards the main road and allowed him to jog lightly.

"Who do you supose?" Chet whispered to the horse as they neared the edge of the tree line.

Chet's eyes scanned the road side carefully, if it was someone who he didn't want to run into right about now he wanted to give himself room to turn Red and run. Closer her drew until finally his eyes could see fresh hoof prints in the dirt on the road. Quickly Chet drew back on the reins, his heart began to race as he notice that the tracks disapeared into the side of the woods.

Red reared high tossing his head an crying out, the Thorouhbreds ears lay flate back against his neck and he bared his teeth angrily. The horse could sence danger, bringing the horse under control Chet spun him around and kicked his heals to the animals sides. The shrill cry of another horse close by responded, Red burst into a run, dodging trees and leaping over downed logs.

(Cue Chance Walker)

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Chance couldn't belief her luck in stumbling across the very quarry they had been seeking. She couldn't let Chet slip away now. If he left the county it would a hundred times harder to find him. And although it may be foolish, this was perhaps the best way she could help the deputy and outlaws. Chet looked at though going back to town, maybe to surrender. But he sudden change of heart told Chance this was the cowardly game Chet wanted to play.

Digging her heels into Gambit's sides, the mustang darted out from behind the brush like a grey bullet. Gambit neighed loudly to signal the challedge. The race was on.

Chance did think well enough to do othe thing, taking the pack of cards from her saddle bag, she flicked one into the nearby bushes as the mustang and her tore off down the trail.

She had remembered what Brian had called her. The queen of diamonds. Hopefully the message to follow would be unmistakeable.

(cue anyone!)

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The young Duke boy suddenly grinned to himself as an idea struck him, Red was fast, a born runner. If he could get out of her sight for just a few short minutes and disapear he could easily get the drop on her if he played the game right.

Relying on Red's speed Chet loosened his hold on the horses head and the Thoroughbred broke into a faster run. Quickly the gap between him and the female gambler lengthin and he looked back over his shoulder to see her out of sight.

Quickly he veered off into the denser forest, anyone in there right mind could easily track his horses prints. Trying to hurry Chet spun Red around in circles making the tracks confusing, he kicked his feet to the horses side and crossed back over the deer trail in the opposite direction.

"Come on Red..... we got ot come up behind her now." Chet spoke low to his horse.

Galloping quickly he road back in the direction he had come but not on the same trail. The dense forest would protect them from the gambler seeing them. Just as Chet back tracked, the gambler still on the trail going in the opposite direction. Quickly he spun Red around and started back on the trail only 15 yards behind her.

With quick hands Chet uncoiled the laso hanging around his saddle horn, with natural ease he strung out a large loop and began to spin it above his head. Allowing Red his head once again he galloped closer and closer to the mustangs rear. When he came up to ten feet from her he let the loop fly, the large loop quickly landed around the womens upper body.

(Cue Chance Walker)

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Chance gritted her teeth when she felt the rope tighten around her waist. She managed to keep on top on the horse by the grip of her legs, and the whip was still in her hand, but now useless as her arms were now trapped as her sides. But it didn't keep her from twisting and struggling against the rope, trying to wiggle free of them. Her hat came flying off in the process, and she swore and cussed at Chet Duke with everything she had. Glaring at him like an trapped wildcat as both horses came to a stop. But behind that anger was a real fear. She had run out of aces and now it was Chet's deal.

(cue anyone)

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Red nearly skidded on his rear knees and he tossed his head at the sudden stop, the rope around the female gambler going taught. Chet held onto the rope that now lay hooked tightly around his saddles horn.

"Easy Red..." He gave a half smile, his mismatched eyes gazing at her.

"Take it easy! If I had intended on killing you girly I would have shot you and left you for dead. But right now I got enough problems... I don't need another murder on my head."

Chet noted the lasso around his saddle horn and stepped down from his horse and approached the mustang boldly. He abrutly grasped the horses reins to keep the animal from moving, his own horse loyaly holding the lasso tight. Swiftly Chet grabbed the gambling women with one hand and pulled her from her horse, quicky wrapping the now loose rope around and around her.

"Now listen! Im going to tie you to that tree over there and your gonna stay right there until you get yourself free, then your gonna have yourself a nice long walk back to town!"

Roughly he dragged her by the back of her shirt over to a large Oak tree and securely tied her to it, bonding her hands tightly behind her back.

"Leave me the hell alone!!!" Chet snarled his face close to hers, then he turned away and walked back towards there horses.

The Duke boy retrived a large hunting knife from his saddle bags and cut the girth off of her saddle and dropped the now rended piece of equipment to the ground, he did the same to the horses bridle. His jaw tight with irritation he stepped into his saddle and spun his horse around, glaring at the mad women he sent his horse into a canter and chased her now free horse for about 20 yards in the direction of the town. That done he galloped past her and continued on his own route, a trail that he had followed only once before, he rode on knowing that in less then an hour he would come to the back woods that surrounded the very rear of Hazzard.

(Cue Anyone)

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Chance, meanwhile, took a few moments to gather her breath and thunk the back of her blonde head against the tree. Some outlaw she was. Maybe retirement was in the cards soon. Or maybe Min could find a place for her at the saloon. Sighing, she squirmed and tried to pull her arms free of the rope and silently vowed in her next life, she was going to be as far away from being an outlaw as she could.

Twisting her hands, wincing, she found the knot in the ropes with her fingertips and began working on it. It would take a while...oh hell, who was she kidding, she needed help...badly.

A quick whistle brough her mustang up close, nickering curiously. Too bad the horse was never trained to chew through ropes, but Chance never figured at this situation. But the horse was trained to go between her and her partner alone and unaided. "Gambit...Cabin, Min...Go."

As she watched the horse trot off, she leaned back against the tree and hoped when she and Min got back to town, they would find everyone alive.

(cue anyone)

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A horse's whinny broke the silence of the forest and forced the small cabin's only occupant to open her eyes. Min had fallen asleep on the bed and sat up slowly, not sure if the noise was a dream or just wishful thinking. The whinny sounded again and she scrambled to the cabin's door and opened it.

The sight of Chance's grey horse Gambit brought a smile to her face and she rushed outside to greet him.

"Gambit!" Her arms around the big horse's neck she gave him a hug.

"I'm so glad to see you! I was beginning to think no one would ever find me out here.â€

Gambit snorted and marched in place, his hooves kicked up dust and he shook his head out. He glanced in the other direction and fidgeted, breaking Min’s gentle embrace.

“Easy Gambit, it’s all right.†The smile slid off Min’s face when she caught a glimpse of fear in his big brown eyes. And that wasn’t all…

Stepping back a moment, Min noticed the horse’s bridle wasn’t there. A cold finger of fear raced up the saloon girl’s spine and she put both hands on Gambit’s head and lowered it.

"What happened Boy? Where's Chance?" Min ran her hands down his neck and took a careful look at the horse hoping for answers or a sign of some kind that would tell her the fate of Gambit’s owner. She crouched down and looked at the saddle he wore. Her fingers touched something underneath that felt cut; leaning closer Min noticed that the straps that held the saddle in place were gone.

"It's cut...if someone tried to ride you; they'd more than likely fall off. Someone did this deliberately."

Sighing, Min stood back up and patted Gambit’s side trying to comfort him.

“All right, there’s some rope inside. I’m going to have to tie the saddle down so I can ride you. Let me get a few things and then you can take me to Chance.â€

Min returned to the cabin and came out with her shawl and a small bundle of rope. Not having much time for finesse, she wrapped it around the middle of the horse directly onto the saddle. She tied it as best she could hoping it would be enough to at least get her back to town.

“Okay Gambit, it’s not pretty but it’ll have to do.†Placing her shawl over one shoulder, Min gripped the saddle horn, hoisted herself up then turned to the side and planted her bottom on top of the strands of rope.

The horse having no bridle, Min used the only thing she could think of and draped her shawl around Gambit’s neck, gripping the ends of it like reigns.

With a sigh, Min swallowed hard and gazed out into the woods up ahead. She tried not to think about the nagging questions that she had about Chance and of Brian too, since he was the reason Chance had left the cabin in the first place. She only hoped that they were all right or that she would see for herself soon enough.

“You’re going to give me a break on this. You know where Chance is so just take me to her.†Min gave her shawl a flick and the horse began to walk, heading in the direction it came from.

(Cue Anyone!)

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Back at the camp site...

The large bay colored horse had watched Red and Chet leave some time ago. Whisper hated being alone. She clopped over to the bed roll where her mistress was sleeping and let out a warm steamy breath in her ear.

"Mmmmm....*giggle*Billy..." her slumbering owner mumbled in a noncohearent state.

Annoyed by the fact that Val was not waking up, the horse nudged her once again.

"Billy... not now honey..." she mumbled again and slightly giggled.

Whisper, now very annoyed, gave one last hot breath onto her owners face and chest causing a responce.

A giggle escaped from the woman's lips, "Alright Billy..."

While in the sleep state, Val puckered up to the horse and gave her a kiss on the nose. Her eyes slowly came open and she now realized she was kissing a horse, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!"

Whisper took a couple steps back startled by Val's wake up. It wasn't the greeting she excepted.

"Don't ever do that to me again, Whisper.... Sheesh!" Val panted and pushed away her bed roll. She then noticed her gun and the note tucked near it. Pulling the paper up and reading it, her eyes widened in suprise. She glanced over and seen the makeshift grave, "Why that snake..."

Quickly she got up and realized she need to warn everyone that Chet was on the loose. After packing everything up in a rush, Whisper and her followed the tree line back toward town. In the distance she could hear another rider aproaching...

(cue Chance or Min)

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(this is a joint post)

Chance, by this time, had gone far beyond pondering alternative careers. Her arms were reddened and raw from repeated attempts to squirm out of the ropes. The knot had been working on was stuck good. God knows when help was coming, or IF help was coming. For all she knew Chet could come back anytime and finish her off. The sound of hoof beats reaches her ears, and she tensed, like a trapped animal. Heaven help her if the approacher was an enemy.

Min too started thinking less than positive thoughts as the minutes quickly became an hour, that then became two. The endless scenery rolled by as Gambit took her deeper and deeper into the woods. Each tree they passed only made Min's thoughts darker and cold fingers of fear squeezed around her heart.

"Gambit where is she? Are you sure we're going the right way?"

The familiar voice startled Chance into action. "Min! Over here!" Gambit ears pricked up and he picked up the pace towards his mistress's voice.

A voice reached Min's ears and she sat up in the saddle. "Chance?" She heard the yell again and looked around; trying to determine which direction the call came from.

“I think she’s over there Gambit! Go boy!â€

Gambit became excited and took off in a gallop, heading off of the main road.

The lady gambler began struggling against the binds with renewed energy, knowing freedom was near. Soon, the mustang brought through the woods, sliding to a whinnying stop right in front of Chance.

"Chance!" Min nearly fell off the horse as she dismounted and went to the tree. She gave her friend a hug around her neck, sighing in relief. "Are you all right?"

"Oof!" She would have returned the hug if she could. "I'll be great as soon you untie me. And Gambit, my friend, you get a whole bag of hard candy when we get back to town."

"Who did this to you?" Min worked at the knot as best she could, but whoever tied it knew what they were doing and it wouldn't budge.

"I have to find something to cut this with." Looking around on the ground in front of Chance, then around the side of the tree; among the leaves and twigs, Min found a rock with a jagged edge and picked it up. After a few sawing motions the rope gave way.

Chance let out a sigh of relief, rubbing her wrists to get some feeling back in them.

"Give you one clue. Big red horse, bigger jackass."

"Red horse...jackass?" Min started to shake her head but then the answer came back to her and she sighed. "Well I only met one cowboy that wasn't so nice and he had a big red horse and a love of kidnapping." She dropped the rock she had been using and dusted off her hands. "And why is it that Chet Duke tied you to that tree?"

"Ummm..." Chance kept her poker face. "Listen, you gotta get back to town, Brian and Alex are gonna be out looking for Chet and doesn't know he's headed back for town. In fact, he may even be in town by now."

"Back to town? Why is he going back to town?" Min followed Chance to Gambit. She saw the rope tied around the saddle and raised an eyebrow at the saloon girl.

"What? I had no choice! Can you fix the saddle then with the rope?"

"I don't know. But I know we gotta get back there as soon as possible." Chance eyed the makeshift saddle. It was serviceable, but would never hold both of them.

"I got a better idea." With a quick tug on the knot, the saddle and rope fell free completely. "Think you can ride bareback?"

"Bareback?" Min looked down at her calico skirt. "But wouldn’t that mean I'd have to ride...like a man?" Her eyes were wide with the idea and she shook her head.

"I can't ride like that Chance! It's...it's...unladylike!"

Chance sighed and rolled her eyes. "Min...just pretend the horse is a certain black clad outlaw and I'm sure you'll do fine." She flicked a smile over her shoulder at her friend.

Min's face turned a shade of red and she huffed. "That's business Chance, I can make a living and yet still be a lady." She raised her chin a moment looking defiant but then the reality of their situation spoke louder than her delicate sensibilities.

"Fine… I'll ride that way if you insist."

"I insist. Now get your rump up on the horse, partner."

"All right, after all you're the horse's rear end not me so it's only fitting you sit there." Min gave a smile as she gripped onto Gambit's mane and mounted her legs on either side of him. She found she could sit more stably on the horse this way and nodded.

"Maybe there's something to not being a lady after all."

The banter was familiar and friendly between them. Being so different, their ideas often clashes but the friendship between them was solid. So at Min's insult, Chance only chuckled.

"It's all in how you grip with your legs." She climbed up behind Min, the mustang huffing a bit at the extra weight and pointed the horse towards town. "Ready for help save some outlaws?"

"As ready as I'll ever be, or can be." Taking the shawl in her hands again, Min gave it a tug. "You heard your mistress Gambit, let's get back to Hazzard."

Chance dug her heels into Gambit's side and the horse half-reared before taking off down the path at a full gallop. They had to get back in town before Chet did or in time to help at least. On the way, Chance glanced to the side to see the dandy lady she had stolen the earrings from by the side of the road, but she didn't slow down.

Time was of the essence.

(Cue Anyone!)

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