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I'm new to this so please be gentle with me!!

Preview screenings of the new Dukes movie opened today in the UK, (officially opening on Friday 25 Aug). Growing up watching the original series I had mixed feelings about the film. Being a lifelong fan it is great to see the Dukes on the big screen at long last. Although disappointed that none of the original cast were involved. When I arrived at the 10 screen cinema I was the only person in the auditorium! By the time the adverts and trailers had been shown there was a grand total of 10 people, not a good start!!!

I felt that the film had a slow start and didn't seem to be going anywhere.

Luke was portrayed as a total head case!! Not the cool, calm, quick thinking older cousin we have come to love. Bo was also made to look like a complete fool. What have Warner Brothers done to our two heroes? There was no on-screen chemistry between any of the cast.

The film was jam-packed with swearing and sexual innuendo. Where was the country charm and old fashioned family values?

The only saving grace the film had was "The General Lee". Although I was horrified to see what state he was in, until Cooter had worked his magic. (And since when do the doors open on The General Lee????) There were a few funny moments and one-liners, but the high point of the film for me was some very good chase scenes and some excellent jumps, mixed together with background music from AC/DC.

I am glad I have had the experience of watching the film, but for me, whoever had been cast into the roles of Bo and Luke could never live up to the excellent double act of Tom Wopat and John Schneider.


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:D Hello and Welcome, dukes1466! I enjoy reading what fans elsewhere think of the movie.

Good analysis of the differences between the old and the new. I agree, but I had prepared myself by reading the fan (as opposed to the professional critic) reviews.

:lol: I went expecting to see the General playing with a bunch of wild and crazy people whom I didn't know, and so enjoyed the General without the shock of wondering where our beloved Dukes were.

Glad to meet you and come back again.

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