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"Damn it Jimmie!" Paul yelled as he untied his partner. "What the hell happened?"

Groaning and holding his head he said, "I don't know, the last thing i remember was me tellin' that woman she was a pretty lil' thing and then I don't know."

"By chance did you call her 'honey'?"

"I.....I.... I might have. But.... Damn it I'm gonna kill that woman." Jimmie screamed holdin' his head in pain.

"Let's go." Paul helped Jimmie up and said "lets get you to the doctor" The two headed out to find their car gone as well. Looking around they decided to take the chance and take the van.

Kristy and Bo walked out and Jesse asked, "are you sure it was just one week, Kristy?"

"Oh... did i say one week? Sorry ya'all I meant one month"

"That's more like it. If you had those pains and you was only one week, there'd be something wrong." Jesse said relieved

"Sorry ya'all."

Luke sat still as posible as he drove back to the farm. Des slept leaning on his chest with one of his arms wrapped around her waist. Luke thought the entire time, 'I aint never gonna let that happen again, that was my fault.' but pushed that out of his head thinkin' what Des would say about that.... ' Luke I told you to let me go because I didn't want either of us hurt.' "C'mon Luke your too hard on yourself." he thought out loud makin' Des stir a bit. When he pulled up to the farm, he sat there a minute then woke her to get her outta the General Lee. "Honey, c'mon, lets get you to bed." He picked her up and carried her to his bed and laied her down to sleep. Des held on to his neck and asked, "Luke, stay with me for now please? Just sit here with me." Des pleaded scared. Luke agreed and sat down on the floor to be eye level with her and watched her sleep until he heard the others come home.

Cooter and Angie were with them as they all quietly congregated in the parlour.

Cue: CCC (your it girl)

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"Ya'll know they ain't gonna rest till they have that farm back!" Daisy cried angrily. "Well let's not worry about it for now....Des is back safe, that's what matters most. And Kristy's ok...We don't need to worry about it no more now." Jesse replied. Bo and Luke nodded in agreement with their uncle.

"I'm gonna kill him!" Paul cried as he pulled the dark van towards Hazzard. "I'm gonna kill her, that little b..."Jimmie started, but froze when he saw the backend of his mustang sticking out of Hazzard pond. "Yeah I'm really gonna kill her!" Paul just shook his head and picked up the CB radio, "Anybody out there in Hazzard with a tow truck?"

Cooter looked up, "Ya'll hear that? It was the CB." He reaced into the kitchen listening carefully, "Anybody in Hazzard out there got a tow truck?" Cooter smiled as everyone who had followed him, "This is Crazy Cooter comin atcha! Ya'll need a tow I'm on my way, where ya at good buddy?"

"We need ya to get our car outta the pond." The voice replied.

Bo laughed, "well it Rosco or Enos! Wonder hoe they got in that mess?" Luke glared at Bo and shook his head, "You don't remember?" Bo raised an eyebrow and shook his head. "At the pond...the mustang..I sorta...sent it to an early retirement." Des whimpered as she came into the kitchen, shivering.

Everyone turned to look at Des. Luke raced over to her, "What are you doing up?" He cried. She looked up at him fearful, "I couldn't sleep, "She pulled Luke's head to hers and whispered, "I'm scared Luke." Luke looked up at the eyes staring at them, "Excuse use ya'll." He said politley and ushered Des back to his room, closing the door behind them.

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i start crying. Kristy what is wrong? Dasiy asked. it's jsut that i am scahred that i am only one moth. kristy sead. I fell like i want to die right now Dasiy. Kristy sead. Don't even think about it Bo and Dasiy sead togather. I don't no what to do right now i am scahred. Kristy sead. I start scaking. Kristy what is woing on? you are schaking bad. Bo asked. I don't no what is going on with me bo. Kristy sead. I Just can't sleep bo. kristy tould bo. Well you can sleep in my room with me. Bo tould kristy. You sure you want me 2 do that what about luke? Kristy asked bo. He well be fine with it trust me. Bo sead. Ok i well stay there with you bo. Kristy sead to bo. bo i still love you no matter what happends to be and this baby. Kristy tould bo. I still love you 2 kristy. bo sead to her.

ccc you are it

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Bo and Daisy each held Kristy, Daisy held her legs in her lap and her head lay in his lap. Bo just stroked her hair lettin her fall asleep. Daisy slipped away with Angie and Cooter while Jesse made a pot of coffee. Luke and Des were in Bo and Luke's room.

"I taught her that. To let the car roll down the hill." Angie laughed, "We did that to our old truck and her old car."

"you did what? To what?" Cooter asked surprised.

"Yep, to our truck and her old car."

"Wow, why?" Daisy finally asked.

"Well.... her car was junk and we pushed it over the cliff for fun and the truck was an accident.... we were just relaxin' the one time and it was in neutral and it rolled off down the hill. Little does she know that I planed it." Angie giggled evilishly.

Luke closed the door behind them. Des jumped and turned around defensively. Luke caught her in his arms and squeezed tight letting her know everything was ok as he told her. "It's just me. I got you. Aint nothin' gonna happen to you. I promise."

"Oh, Luke." Des sobbed. "I wouldn't be so scared if I ... I ...... I hadn't ...."

"If you hadn't what, honey?"

"Luke... I.... I hurt one of 'em."

"ONE OF 'EM" he shouted. quickly lowering his voice. "How many were there?"

"Just two. But listen..."

"Ok honey. You hurt one of 'em."

"Yeah, more then once Luke,..." Luke starts to laugh "...and he's mad I know it. He already threatened me twice before."

"W...Why'd you hurt him?" Luke laughed.

"Cause he .... he called me honey." Des said quickly. "Only you can call me that, and the rest of your family."

Luke stopped laughing. "really?" he asked surprised.

"Re...reea...really Luke." Des said still shivering. Luke just noticed her still shivering and grabbed a blanket from the chair and wrapped her in it.

"We can talk more later. You need to get some rest now." he said sitting her down on the bed.

"But.... I..."

"But nothin'" Luke hushed her with his finger over her lips. "Now lay down and go to sleep. Or I'll have Angie come in here." he teased.

"Oh ok. In that case." she joked back. "I gotta talk to ya all later."

"Ok, I'll be right here and I'll leave the door open when I leave cause we'll all be in the parlour."

Des nodded her head and closed her eyes. It wasn't long before she was asleep again.

Back outside .........

"Well... I guess I'll just take my time. And ya'all 'phone' Rosco and Enos and let them know to meet them folks and me in town." Cooter said

"You bet Cooter, darlin'. ANgie said takin' both of them by surprise. Daisy was walkin' inside but decided to ignore what she had just heard. Daisy turned around in time to see Angie give Cooter a quick kiss on the lips and run to the house.

"You aint gonna kill her, maybe scare her for a minute, before she kicks your a$$ again." Paul joked.

"No i swear i will. That's my car. Was my car." Jimmie said trying not to yell. He was holding his head.

"Alright, lets just wait for the tow truck and then we'll go to the doc's."

Cue: AmandaRobson

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Cooter nearly drove his wrecker into the ditch when he saw the brown van parked by the pond. He slowed his truck and grabbed the CB, "Uh...Crazy C callin' SHepard, Lost Sheep, Country Cousin. Any a ya'll out there on the hazzardnet?"

Bo looked up at the radio, "Dang it..." He muttered when he remembered Kristy in his lap. Jesse walked into the room, one eyebrow raised, "Was that Cooter on the radio?" Bo nodded, "Yeah...do ya mind uncle Jesse?" Jesse shook his head and put the coffee pot back down in the kitchen. He picked up the radio and replied, "Yeah Cooter this is Shepard...."

"Ya'll ain't gonna believe who I'm towing outta the pond...." Cooter'e eyes opened wider when he saw the green mustang in the water. Bo and Jesse looked at each other, Jesse smirked a little, "Is it Rosco?" "No sir..." Cooter replied, "I think ya better send them lost sheep my way right quick!" The was a hint of urgency in Cooter's voice.

Bo gently laid Kristy's head on the couch and walked down the hall to find Luke. Who was standing in the doorway, watching Des sleep. "Luke!" Bo whisphered. Luke jumped a bit and whirled around his finger to his lips. Bo rolled his eyes and dragged Luke into the parlour, "Cooter's got trouble cousin...Let's go!" Luke stood stunned a minute, then nodded and ran out to the General Lee.

"Can't you go any faster Hayseed??" Jimmie shouted as Cooter backed his truck up to the edge of the pond. Cooter stuck his head out the window and grinned a greasy smile at Jimmie, "Sorry, this here truck's only got two speeds, slooooow, or sloooower!" He exagerated his words. Jimmie shook with anger and kicked a stone at the water. It landed smack in the middle of the back window of the mustang, sending cracks spiderwebbing across it. Paul doubled over in laughter, "You dumbass!"

Luke slid in behind the wheel and started the engine, tearing out as Bo was still climbing in. "He still by the pond?" Luke asked as Bo slid his head in. "Yeah...I think it might have something to do with Des's kidnappin'!" Bo exclaimed. Luke sighed, "I hope you brought yer fighting shoes cousin..."

"Yes sir! I can fix this up fer ya no problem mister!" Cooter grinned as he hooked the car up to his truck. "Good, let's get going Paul." Jimmie cried as he started back to the van. "NOT SO FAST!!" Luke hollered as he jumped over the hill, Bo right behind him. Paul and Jimmie stood awestruck as the two cousins dropped to the ground in front of them. Jimmie grinned wickedly as he crack his knuckles. Bo looked over at Luke, "Well ya think we can handle em cuz?" "I know we can handle em..." Luke smiled, "I just don't think they can handle us!"

Bo and Luke charged. Luke flew at Jimmie, hitting him hard in the jaw. Bo tackled Paul, knocking him to the ground. Jimmie swung back at Luke, sending him into the van. Luke rubbed his jaw and charged again. Bo pounded Paul's face, hitting him in the nose. "GRR! You'll pay ploughboy!" Paul cried as he shoved Bo into the tire of Cooter's truck. Luke drove his shoulder into Jimmie, plowing him into the hood of the van, Luke flipped him over, sliding Jimmie across the hood. Jimmie grabbed Luke's collar and pulled him over with him. Paul hit Bo in the stomach, and Bo wrapped his arms around himself in pain. Luke sat on Jimmie's chest, hitting him and yelling, "What do you want?" Bo wrinkled his face in frustration as Paul lunged at him.

Cooter who had been watching, doubled over in laughter had decided to participate. He swung a thick tree branch onto Paul's head, just before he got to Bo. Who looked up, "Thanks Cooter!" Cooter grinned and pulled Bo up by the hand. Paul was still awake and attempted to get up, but Cooter planted a booted foot on his chest, "I don't think so..."

Balladeer You shoulda seen them boys play football over at Hazzard High. They were really somethin'!

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bo where are you going? kristy asked. Me and Luke have something 2 do like try to get away from rosco. Bo touls Kristy. But who is going to be here with me bo? Kristy asked bo. Dasiy and uncle jessie well be here with you ok. Bo asked kristy. Yes bo but what if something well happen 2 me when you are gone bo? kristy asked. Then one of them well CB me ok. Bo tould kristy. yes bo i understand. she tould bo. Bo starts kissing Kristy. Thanks bo just becafle ok i don't need anything bad to happen 2 you.Kristy tould bo. I well be carfle trust me kristy.he tould kristy Bo i do trust you ever cense we meet. Kristy tould bo. Kristy just get some rest ok? bo sead to kristy. yes i well do that bo. kristy tould bo. Bo you better get moving i can hear rosco comeing this way now. Jessie tould bo that. Yes sir. bo sead to jessie.

tig ccc or anyone that can take it

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Luke stoped for a second and Jimmie held up his hands in defense. "Ok!" he shouted.

"What? Ok what?" Luke yelled back.

"Let me talk! Or you can keep hitting me and you'll get nothing. It's your choice."

"Well, If it's my choice then...."

"Luke..... Don't you do it." Bo yelled at his cousin who raised his fist again to hit Jimmie.

"Danm it Bo..." Luke paused for a minute realizing what he was doing "... I'm sorry cuz. your right. ...... So get talkin'"


Back in town Boss was waiting to hear from Paul and Jimmie again and had Rosco stand guard. Rosco being his self was 'practicing' drawing his gun from his holster, when Boss came out of his office and yelled at him. "Rosco! You couln't hit the side of barn if it were painted with a big target on it and lit on fire."

"Well then I wouldn't want to hit it Little Fat Buddy, I'd wanna put the fire out and how would I see the target?" Rosco said being himself.

"Shut up you dodo. Come on you can drive me home for lunch."

"Oh... Goodie... That means some for me too."

"What makes you think that?"

"Cause Lulu will be sure that I get something to eat."

"Who said you was coming in?"

"Well...... ugh... You know ... I think..."

"Well stop."

Rosco walked out behind Boss muttering something to himself and Flash. He drove Boss home and stayed out in the car, but Lulu being his big sister made sure he got something to eat and brought it out to him.

"No no.... Get away from me.... Leave me alone!" Des was screaming in the bedroom.

"Des? Des! I'm we're coming" Ange yelled "Daisy! Mr. Duke! Come quick it's Des!"

Ange and Daisy got to the room at the same time to see Des tosing in the bed. Screaming in her sleep. Daisy rushed to her side as Angie did the other. By this time Jesse had gotten to the room as well.

"Des, honey it's ok.... Des wake up!" Daisy tried to wake her friend.

"Daisy it's no use... I slept in the same room with her for nearly 15 years... the only way she's gonna wake up is if she's hit or she wakes up on her own. We just gotta stay with her and make sure she doesn't hurt herself." Angie said.

"What? Give me some room." Jesse said scooting Daisy to the side a bit.

"Honest Mr. Duke. Just be carefull, she fights in her sleep too." Angie cautioned.

Just then Jesse put his hand on Des' arm and she turned swinging at him. Jesse caught her arm and pushed it to the bed, shocking Daisy and Angie. "wow!" they both exclaimed.

"Now Des.... You wake up right this instant!" Jesse yelled at her as if he were mad. Des jumped and woke up as frightened as she was in her nighmare.


"Des sugar it's ok.... It's us... You're fine." Daisy said putting her hands on her friends shoulders.

"Oh Daisy!" Des starts to cry and Angie comes around to sit beside her. "I'm so scared. where's Luke?" she said hugging Daisy and Angie.

"He and Bo went to help Cooter tow them fella's and anything else he needs help with." Jesse said opening his arms to Des.

"What? Mr. Jesse you shouldn't have let them go. Those guys know Luke and they know about..."

"Don't you worry about my boys. They can take care of themselves and eachother." Hugging Des like she were his niece.

"Yeah but...."

"But nothin' you just calm down and get yourself in there and eat something. You must be starved."

"Actually Mr...."

"It's Uncle Jesse and you need to eat something."

"Yes'ir... But I don't think I can eat much."

"That's fine, just give it a try." Jesse lead the girls to the kitchen to get some lunch and Kristy joined them.

"What's going on?" she asked worried.

"Nothin' Des just had a nightmare. She's ok now... Come on and have some lunch." Daisy said

Kristy nodded and they all sat down and ate some lunch. Des was not able to eat much because her stomach was upset still.

"Well..... All we want is our farm back!"

"Oh come on..... that's a bunch of crap! If that's all you wanted why you kiddnapping and threatening people?" Bo yelled.

"See I told you... I told you Paul... That Hogg guy was only gonna be more trouble." Jimmie yelled at his frind still pinned under Cooter's foot.

"Shut up Jimmie! I was..." Paul stoped and grabed his head. "Ahhhh!!!" he screamed in pain and then passed out.

"C'mone ya'all looks like both these fella's need to see Doc now." Cooter said.

"Yeah I think so too." Co said helping Jimmie up and waliking him to Cooter's truck and hog tied him in the back of the truck. Paul was tied as well and put next to JImmie. Cooter drove to town as Luke drove behind him with Bo sitting with the two in the back of the truck.

"Hey Rosco, this here's Luke Duke you got yur ears on?" Luke said into the cb.

"Roscoo Peeeee. Cooooltrane. What'd ya need Duke?"

"Rosco I just thought I'd give you a heads up... You got two on their way in and they'll be needing a cell."

"Why you and that cousin of your turning yourselves in?"

"No Rosco! We got them two fella's that kiddnapped Des and threatened their farm. They need to see Doc so I'm calling him next to meet us at the jail. I'm gone"

Luke radioed Doc next and he was meeting them at the jail. As the boys and Cooter pulled up in front of the jail they seen Uncle Jesse and Daisy walking toward them and Kristy and Angie in front of them.

"Where's Des?" Luke asked as they got closer. He was worried.

"She was just there with Daisy" Angie said and turned around to see she wasn't.

"Damn it! Des where are you?" Luke said to himself as he ran to Uncle Jesse and Daisy. "where's Des?" he asked.

"She stayed back at the garage. She wants you to come get her."

Luke ran to the garage and burst through the doors. "Des??" Des ran to him and jumped in his arms and wrapped her legs around his waist. "Luke.... you said you were gonna be there... you weren't ....... why did you go I told you not to go after them."

"I'm fine and so is Bo and Cooter. I had to leave. Don't worry they aint gonna hurt you again."

"HA! they didn't hurt me really. II hurt them and hurt myself in the proccess." Des forgot she didn't mention her hand to Luke before.

"What? Where'd you get hurt? That's alright Doc's on his way so we'll have him take a look at ya." Luke carried Des to the door and they walked over to the jail together.

As they got to the steps to the jail Des says, "Luke I'm a little scared.........

Cue: Amanda

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"What are we in jail for anyways Jackass??" Paul shouted at the sherrif from behind bars. "Hush...now I'm the law!" Paul growled at Rosco, who jumped back, "Jit. gyuck!"

"I'm the only one who calls him a jackass...." Boss Hogg cried as he strolled into the jail. "That's Sheriff Jackass..." Rosco muttered. Boss grinned at the two men behind the walls of the cells, "You're here for kidnapping, obsructin' Justice and attempted murder! Not to mention I jus dun like you..."

"ANd what are you gonna charge yerself with meadowmuffin....Grand theft farm?" Jimmie cried. Rosco shook his fist in the air. "He ain't no meadowmuffen....more like butterball...or tubby..." "Oh Rosco just shut yer mouth!" Boss cried as he turned on his heel storming up the stairs.

(sorry this is all I could think of at the minute)

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"Luke, I'm scared." Des said as he reached for the door knob.

"Scared? For what baby?"

"Cause it was their farm, and what if they can get it back? And what if... they go to jail and get out and come back again?"

"It aint thier anymore... That contract your uncle signed makes it legally yours cause it's in his and your all's names. And they are going to jail and will stay there. Don't worry honey..." he said cupping her face in his hands, "... us Dukes don't take kindly to anyone messin' with our family. They aint gonna do anything to you anymore."

"Thank you.... and can you just be there with me... and if you can't can you ask Daisy?"

"I will be there. or Daisy if i can't."

"Hey Boss don't forget that assault charge from Luke!" Bo yelled to both Boss and Paul and Jimmie.

"Yea yeah. I know." Boss said waving his hand behind him as he kept going.

"Yeah speaking of assault charges.... Sheriff Coltrane... I'd like to file assault charges on them Duke boys." Paul said calmly as he held his head. "and that grubby machanic feller too."

"Who you callin' grubby, fella? How'd you like me to......." Cooter started but was cut off by Jesse's hand to his chest tellin' him to stop. "Yes'ir" was all he said.

"Yeah, they attacked me and Jimmie here and that's how i got this here head injury." he began to get louder.

"Aaallllright!" Rosco hushed the man. "You can file that report after Doc sees you. He should be here any minute now."

"Actually Rosco, he's here now." Luke said walking down the stairs followed by Doc Applebee. "There's your patients Doc. And when you get done... you mind taking a look at Des?"

"No problem Luke. Thanks."

"Thanks Doc... Wait .... Des? what's wrong with Des?" Bo said

"HA! that girl... I told you she was hurt Paul."

"Yeah and from what understand... she got hurt hurting you... aint that the truth?" Luke asked already knowing the answer, but wanting to rub it in.

"Uhhh... Doc, it's my head and my knee... My knee's been screwy before, but it's been hurting lately." Jimmie said avoiding Luke.

"Yeah and my head too. Although mine happened earlier this afternoon... his happened about ohhhh, say... early this morning." Paul laughed.

"Well lets take a look see." Doc said motioning for Rosco to get Jimmie first.

Doc examined both Jimmie and Paul and said they had minor concusions and had to be watched, and Jimmie's knee would be fine it's just sore and swollen. Daisy asked where Des was and Luke told Daisy she was upstairs and to go get her. Daisy walked Des back down the stairs and heard Paul.

"HAHAHA there she is Jimmie, there's your "honey"." he joked.

Des just shot the man en evil look and walked to Doc. "It's my hand Doc, I seemed to have hurt it when i was defending my self the past two days."

"It wasn't self defense, you attacked us." Jimmie shouted.

"You dumb ass... US?... one on two, Jimmie. Does that sound like an attack to you? And it was in a way self defense, Considering we kiddnapped her. So..."

"So what, Paul?" Jimmie shouted having heard enough.

"So keep your foot outta your mouth. and keep it shut." Luke said half serious and half sarcastic.

"Shut your mouth plow boy..." Jimmie started

"HUSH!!" Rosco belowed above the yelling.

"OUCH!!!" Des screamed in pain pulling her hand away from the doctor.

"Uh... Jesse can i get you to help me? I need her to sit still for this or nothin will help me er her." Doc said

"Sure." Jesse noded and held Des' arm for the doc. Doc grabbed her hand and forearm adn pulled away from eachother.

"AAHHHHH!!!" Des began to scream and cry in pain. Luke ran to her and stopped when Jesse gave him a look that said 'not yet'. "OOouuuuu".

"THere.... all set, Des." The doc said lettin go of her. "Your wrist was jammed and putting preasure on your nerves thats why it wasn't that bad of pain. It'll be sore for a while but try not to use it unless you have to."

Luke say the moment was right and ran to her. Des jumped into his arms stilll crying in pain. Luke calmed her down after a while and Jimmie said,

"Honey when yur done with him, I'll help get your mind of that pain and give you another."

Des cringed at hearin' 'honey' come from him again. Then she turned and said, "Honey???!! I thought I told and taught you about that word. Don't you ever listen?"

"No he don't he's a dumb ass." Paul interupted.

"So I've noticed. And I could teach him again, but I would be arrested this time." Des said as she jumped at the man behind the bars.

"Hey!!" Jimmie yelled as h ejumped backwards.

"Did ya tell everyone how you got that there concussion Jimmie, 'Darlin'?" Des said mockin him. "Well let me. First I hit him and then ran for the door where Paul there cuaght me. I hit him in the uh.... nvm... and then the jaw. That's when Jimmie came over and grabbed me from behind. I hit him in the stomach and then tossed him to the ground. Paul caught me and tied me up and that's when i realized my hand hurt. Then earlier this morning... Jimmie and I ad a chat about him callin' me honey. I let two slid after i warned him and the thrid I took him to the ground. We wrestled a bit then i rolled him off me and hit his head of the board underneath us. That's when I snuck past Paul and ......." Des began to laugh through her tears, "... called ya'all to come get me then..." laughing harder, "let that beauty of a car take it's watery grave."

The bunch of them laughed as they watched Jimmie get more and more angry. Finally Des asked if she could just go home.

"Sure honey, lets get you back to the farm." Luke said gently leading her to the stairs.

Balladeer: That boys face sure is red... But he wont be seein' nothin but black and white for a while, so he's got time to cool down. Boss don't want them boys around niether so Rosco and Enos took them two to the state police two days later. Bo and Luke was fined for illega parkin' while in the jail that day and payed it just so they could avoid the assault charges filed by them two goons. Now.... if only we could sort out what's going on with Kristy. and Angie and Cooter.

Cue Amanda

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Hi Angie how are you it's me Kristy that one that is with bo. Kristy sead. Hi Kristy how are you? Angie asked. I am good just worred about bo. kristy sead. O hi kristy. Cooter sead. hey Cooter how are you? kristy asked. I am doing good. cooter sead. So i hurd you are haveing a baby. cooter sead. Yes i am. Kristy sead. I just hope Bo well be ok he has been goine a long time. Kristy sead. trust me he well be ok. Cooter tould kristy. I think i really do love bo but i am 2 scahred to tell him how i fell about him. Kristy sead. just go with your fellings. Angie sead to kristy. Yea but when i do that i get nuvers or scahred to tell bo that. Kristy sead. yea it can be hard at times. Angie sead. yea it can be but i really have 2 tell him how i fell. Kristy sead. hey Cooter can i stay here tell bo get's back? Kristy asked. sure i have a room upstars. Cooter sead to kristy. thanks i own you one. Kristy sead. yea you do mabey at the bores nest. Cooter sead to kristy. yea one of this day's we will do that. Kristy sead.

Cue who every weants it go for it

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"Can you hand me a wrench sweety?" Angie says to Cooter. "I sure can honey." Cotter replys. As he hands her the wrench she leans over and gives him a kiss. "Well thats the best thank you I have ever gotten." Cooter says blushing. "Well if you hand me that rag over there, you can have another thank you." Angie says. Cooter was more than happy to run and get the rag. Angie and Cooter went into his office to "talk". As usual they were interupted by Bo,Luke,Kristy,and Dez. "Are we interupting somthing in here?" Luke says "You are always interupting us." Cooter says dissapointed with the current situation. "O well sorry." Dez says with an attitude. "Well you're here, what can we do for ya?" Angie says. "We wanted to know if you wanted to go to lunch with us at the Boar's Nest." Kristy said "Well I guess we could use some food.".......They all headed to the Boar's Nest where Daisy already had food and beer waiting for them. "Hey Daisy, hows it goin?" Dez asked "It's goin great sugar." Daisy said. "Hey Daisy, can i have a shot of whisky?" Angie asked "You sure can but why do you want whisky?" "I need somthing strong" Angie said to Daisy "I'd like a shot of shine but no one has that anymore." Angie said "You like shine?" Luke asked "I sure do, I haven't had any good stuff since I ran it across Kentucky with my cousin Travis. Those were the good ol'days." Angie said "You used to run shine? Me and Luke used to for our Uncle." Bo says "Dez used to run it to with our other cousin Andy. I'm guessin she didn't tell ya." "Thanks, and no I didn't tell them." Dez said "Will everyone come to my farm tonight? I have a surprise. And make sure you bring Uncle Jesse too." Angie said "OK we will come but why?" "Its a surprise." "Be there by 7:00. Sweety will you come at 5:30?" Angie asked Cooter. "I sure will honey." Cooter replied

At Angie and Dez's farm Cooter was there right on schedule 5:30. Angie was making a big dinner for everyone and she wanted Cooter to help. Angie and Cooter were sittin on the back porch waitin for everyone to show up. "Hello? Is anybody home?" a strange voice said. "We are in the back." Angie yelled "Well howdy there deputy, what can we do for ya?" Angie asked "Hello ma'am my name is Enos, is Dez here?" No she's not but she should be back anytime now. Why,whats goin on?" Angie asked "Well those two men in the jail want to speak to Dez. They wont talk to anybody but her. And they wont tell me why." Enos said "Well you ask them if her sister is ok cause I know she will not talk to them without hittin one of em." Angie told Enos "Ok Angie I'll ask them and give ya a call on the cb. Bye ya'll." Enos said as he was walking away.

"That looks like Enos. I wonder what he wanted." Dez was thinkin to herself. "Howdy ya'll. I hope you're hungry we made alot of food." Cooter said to everybody as they walked to the house. "Yeeehaawwww FOOD." Bo yelled "I'm starvin." Luke said "What did Enos want? We seen him leavin." "Oh nothing just had to ask Cooter somthing." Angie said "Cooter will you come here please?" Angie asked "Whats goin on sweety?" Cooter says "Don't tell Dez about what Enos was really here for. She will flip." "OK" Cooter said

Cue: You..

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Uncle Jesse pulled up to the old farm house shortly after his family, that old truck wass no match for the General when it came to speed. But if ya want a good race just watch ol Jesse outsmart them nephews of his.

Balladeer: Jesse Duke was the best of the best of the Ridgerunners of Hazzard County, and could whip those boys tails anyday!!

"Howdy Jesse!!" Angie cried as she ran out onto the front porch to meet him. Jesse grinned brightly back at her, "Howdy yerself Ms. Angie!" Angie laughed and showed Jesse into the house.

Everyone sat around the big table set up in the dining room. Angie and Cooter rushed around serving everyone, with continuous offers for help, that were refused. Bo and Kristy sat side by side, she wasn't hungry and just watched Bo as he ate enough for the both of them. Des and Luke sat across from each other, he slid his foot up the back of her leg, making her giggle throughout the entire meal. Daisy and Jesse chatted quietly about what had gone on the last little while. When Angie and Cooter had finsihed serving they sat down beside each other. Cooter never took his eyes off her as he ate.

After all the food had been eaten, the majority finding it's way down the throat of one Bo Duke, everyone pitched in to clean up. The eight of them made their way outside to enjoy the warm Hazzard evening. "Ahhh....Lovely!" Luke muttered as he gazed over Des's face, she looked out at the sunset, not noticing. Bo nodded in agreement with his cousin as he wrapped his arms around Kristy, who was nearly asleep. They all enjoyed the quiet, an ocasional call of a Thrasher in the trees. Their peace was interuppted by the voice of Deputy Enos Strate.....

(Cue: Cooter's Girl! You're it girl!)

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"Angie, Angie ya got your ears on?" Enos said "Hey there Enos yea i'm here. What ya got for me?" Angie said "They said they will talk to you. Can you get here tomarrow?" "I sure can. Thanks Enos" Angie said "Sure thing Angie. Bye Bye" Enos said "I'll be at the garage if you need me. If something goes wrong just give me a holler on the cb." Cooter said "I kno, I'll be fine." Angie said "What did Enos want?" Dez asked "Oh nothing. I asked him something earlier and he was just answering me." Angie told Dez. Dez just looked away back at the sky not really caring about what Angie said. It was one of the best nights in Hazzard county.

The next morning Angie arrived at the jail just like she said she would. "Hello Enos, Rosco,Boss anybody here?" Angie said as she entered the jail. "Well hi Angie. Thanks for coming." Enos said "They said that they would talk to you but only if it was just the three of you. They said no police can be in there. Is that ok?" "Yea Enos I'll be just fine. I can handle myself." Angie said. She walked down the stairs to find Jimmy and Paul sleeping. "WAKE UP" Angie yelled "What the....what do you want? Oh I guess your Dez's sister." Paul said. "Yes I am. What did you need?" Angie said "We would like our farm back. I know your uncle bought it and you and your sister now run it but we want it back." Paul said "Well you aren't gettin it back. You went to jail and it now belongs to us. When you were in jail you couldn't pay you mortage. So Boss put it up for sale. It is our farm now. Please just leave us alone because if you try to take it back you will be in trouble." Angie said and walked away. "Did everything go ok? Did they upset you?" Enos asked "No Enos everything went ok." Angie said "What did they want to talk about?" Enos asked "They asked me for the farm back. I told them that they weren't going to get it back and if they tried the would get in trouble." Angie told Enos and now Rosco as he walked in. "Ok missy. Is everything ok?" Rosco asked "It sure is." Angie replied


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"What are we gonna do now?" Des sighed as she helped Luke fold his clean laundry. He looked up at her from the floor where he was sitting, "What's who gonna do Sugar?" Des smiled and grabbed Luke's arm pulling him towards the bed where she sat. He followed and knelt on the floor in front of her, resting his elbows on her knees. She smiled down at him, "Well, first of all, what are Angie and I gonna do, them fellas are still gonna be after our farm, what if they get out, are they gonna come after me again Luke?" He smile had faded and she looked at him with fear in her eyes. "Des. They ain't gonna come after ya, I ain't gonna let them. I'll protect ya." Luke replied looking back up at her. Des wrinkled her face a little, still scared and deeply worried they would came back for her, or Angie. "Awe C'mere Des!" Luke cried as he pulled himself up onto the bed and wrapped his arms around Des. "Don't worry." Des sniffed an tear back trying to hid them from Luke as she leaned wearliy against him. "Don't cry." He whispered as he rocked her gently trying his best to comfort her. "I'm not." Des sniffed again, making Luke smile as he ran his hands through her hair, "No that's right yer not." He whispered.

Outside Bo was helping Kristy shuck corn for dinner. "What's gonna happen now Bo?" She asked quietly. Bo glanced over at her with a shrug, "I dunno...lotsa things are gonna happen, just dun know what they are." Kristy sighed and nodded slowly in agreement, No one can predict the future.

(cue anyone)

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bo look i am sorry for what i sead to you. Kristy sead to bo. it's ok it was my fault. bo sead to kris. yea i understand. kristy sead to bo. i mean it's just drving me crazy beein 2 monts now bo. kristy sead back to bo. i am here 2 help out and so is luke. bo sead to kristy. ya i no you guys are trying to help me out. kristy sead to bo. kristy starts to cry. please don't cry kristy i do really love you and you no that. bo sead to kristy. Sorry bo i love you 2. kristy sead to bo. kristy go's next to bo. Bo promise me one thing. kristy asked bo. what is it kristy? bo asked her. Promise me you well never leave me. kristy asked bo. I promise i well not leave you ever in my life. bo sead to kristy. thanks bo that means alot to me now. kristy sead to bo.

cue who ever want's it go for it. P.S. sorry it is not long tonight i am tired out from sunday.

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"Duke farm!" Daisy answered the phone. "uh huh, OK thanks Maybel."

Luke and Des walked into the kitchen as did Jesse. "Who was that?" Jesse asked before Luke could.

"Maybel, Boss wants me in early and Des you too. Maybell tried reaching you but no luck."

Des sighed, "Alright, I guess it will keep my mind off other situations. Daisy can i ride with you today, so Luke can look at my car?"

"Sure can sugar, why what's wrong with yur car?"

"Somethin's rattlin' under the hood, when i reach 50."

"Why in tarnation are ya goin' that fast fur in the first place?" Jesse asked knowing the answer he was gonna get.

"Cause I gotta, if I'm gonna beat that other nephew of yurs in that race next week. 'Sides, I gotta work on the get away for when i help your boys outta trouble." Des said as she winked at Daisy.

"What!?? Why would you need to get us outta trouble?" Luke asked loudly.

"Cause she knows the trouble you boys get into already. And cause she knows she'll be around here enough to get into it herself as well." Jesse said sternly, knowing he was right.

Des laughed and sat down at the table. Luke sat beside her.

Bo and Kristy walked through the door and sat down. Kristy found herself looking for something to eat. Jesse noticed and got up without saying anything and asked, "anybody want a snack?"

"Yeah, I sure would Uncle Jesse, thanks." Bo said

"Good, then you can help me make it for you and Kristy." Jesse said giving Kristy a stern look that told her not to argue with him.

"That'd be great, thanks Bo."

As Bo and Jesse fixed a snack for everyone, Des snuggled onto Lukes shoulder and Luke waved Kristy around on the other side of him. She walked around and layed her head on his other shoulder and her and Des smiled at one another. Luke sat there and let the girls relax. Both were scared for differnt reasons but had no worries while in the arms of any Duke. Jesse turned around first and saw Luke with an arm around each girl. 'they both look so safe and secure' Jesse thought. Luke smiled as he kissed Des' head.

Bo turned around and seen Kristy in Lukes arms and seen how secure and comfy she looked, but had to tease his cousin, "Dang it Luke, why can't you just stick with Des and let me have Kristy?"

"Cause I only want Des for her driving skills and car, Kristy here has the looks." Luke teased only to be interupted by Des elbowing him in the chest after her and Kristy moved. Luke gasped for air.

"I'm sorry sugar, i didn't mean to hit you that hard." Des said grabbing at Lukes head as he doubled over.

"HEHEHE, you deserved that one boy." Jesse laughed.

"Well... *cough*... I know why that man in that cell had the guts to call you honey again...... cause he was safe behind them bars..... *cough*."

"HAHAHA You better watch it Luke she's still close enough to hit ya agian." Kristy said as she laughed at him.

"NO way... I couldn't hit him again. not yet anyways. I don't wanna hurt him bad."

"Well.... you sure could have fooled us." Bo replied.

"I didn't mean it Des. You're the most beautifull girl I've met and the one closest to Daisy with strength too." he kidded again. "But... Kristy here would give you a run for your money if she wasn't interested in Bo." Des seen what he was trying to do and followed it.

"Thanks Luke." Kristy said as she turned red from the compliment.

"No problem, it's the truth."

"Alright, will you stop hitting on my woman, Luke!" Bo said still playing.

"I sure will, cause now I gotta run, for my hide." he jumped up from his chair and ran for the door. Des followed at his heels.

"Here ya go sweatheart." Bo put Kristy's sandwich on front of her. and kissed her on the head.

"Thanks Bo. Thanks Uncle Jesse."

They all ate as Des and Luke disappeared outside...

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The next week had passed by quickly, and for the Dukes was fairly uneventful. Rosco only tired railroading the boys three times. Des had nearly forgotten her fears about her encounter with Paul and Jimmie. Luke had spent much of his time helping Des prepare for the race on the weekend. Kristy was annoyed and frustrated with being sick everyday. And Bo did what he could to make her feel better, including cooking an entire meal for her without any help from Jesse or Daisy. Angie spent any time she wasn't at home fixing the farm up at the garage with Cooter. And Cooter spent any time he wasn't at the garage with Angie helping her with the farm.

The day of the race came and Bo was teasing Des about how he'd beat her no problem. "I'm sorry Des Darling, but there ain't no way you can beat the General." Bo cried. Des shook her head, "I don't think so blondie." Luke snickered and came up behind Des, resting his hands on her shoulders, "She's right cuz. She's gonna give ya a run for your money." Bo rolled his eyes, "We'll see." Luke and Des shared a laugh as he lead her out the front door.

Des and Luke stood out on the porch looking out at the bright sunny Hazzard day. He wrapped his arms around her from behind and whispered, "I hope you whoop his tail honey." Des laughed and leaned back against Luke. " I will, you just wait an see Luke."


At the track Des and Angie worked under the hood of the car, making sure everything was perfect. Bo and Luke were doin the same with the General. Cooter stood in the middle, they had deciced he was neutral, they didn't want to fight over him.

When everything was ready the entire Duke clan and friends gathered together. Kristy held clinged to Bo and whispered, "Please be careful!" Bo smiled and hugged her to him, "I will be. Don't worry." Luke had his arms around Des as he said, "Good luck darlin'!" He smiled down at her. Des grinned back and stood up on her tip toes. Luke's eyes widened as she gave him a kiss and he asked, "What was that for?" Des laughed and replied, "Luck. Trust me ya'll are gonna need it." Des winked and her and her sister walked off to their car. Luke stood with his mouth open a little and mutters, "What are we gettin into?" Bo chuckled as he patted his cousin's shoulder, "No what are you gettin into, she's your woman."

(cue anybody!)

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(Please note: This is a joint effort between Moms_lil_Daisy and AmandaRobson)

Luke chuckled and nodded in agreement. As Bo climbed into the driver's window of the General Lee Luke stood another minute. He smiled to himself as he watched Des and Angie at their car,'Yep...I am one lucky man'. He thought. Bo stuck his blonde head out the window and called, "Luke! C'mon cousin...we got a race to win!"

"What'd ya do that for? Givin' them luck! What are ya thinkin'?" Angie asked Des as Des stood beside her car. "Oh hush Ange... you know they's gonna need it, now get in." "Especially with you driving they'll need that luck!" Angie mumbled as she climbed in the window of the car. Des pulled away before Angie was in the window completely.

"Huh?" Luke shook his head a little and grinned as he jogged over to his side of the General Lee. Luke hopped up and slid in through the window with ease. Both Dukes grabbed their crash helmets from the backseat and pulled them on over their thick hair. Bo's blonde locks poking out from under it. Luke had one stubborn peice that fell into his face, untill he stuffed it up under his helmet. Bo smiled proudly as he started the engine and drove towards the starting line.

"It's about time ya'all got here... I though ya got scared." Des teased from her car at the starting line. Angie sat up in her seat with her helmet on and handed Des hers. "Here ya are." "Thanks" The cars engines roared and reved. Des looked up and Daisy was in front of them...

Bo smirked and looked over at Des, "I ain't scared." He snarled. Luke shook his head, "Relax Bo." Bo sighed and hung his head a second before revving the hemi engine loudly. Daisy smiled and gave a wave to the girls and one to the boys. She held her checkered flag high above her head and dropped it. The race was on.

Des' car jumped off the line and she and Angie both let out their yells, "YYYEEEAAHHHHH!!!, C'mon baby!!!"

General Lee sprang into action, a trail of smoke forming as they sped past Daisy, who coughed and sputtered in the exhaust from all the passing cars. She quickly ran off the track to fresher air and a better veiw. Bo glanced over his shoulder at Des and Angie, he grinned and pressed the gas to the floor. General Lee shot ahead and Bo pulled in front of Des' car, not giving her room to pass.

Des laughed as the General Lee passed her. "He may have the jump but we got the tourque." she grinned. She shifted gears and pulled up on Bo's back bumper. Just a lil' love tap to let him know not to take it easy on them. She backed off as they rounded a corner and then hit the gas again to pull up beside them. Angie looked over and Bo and Luke laughed as the girls both blew a kiss goodbye to them as Des pulled ahead.

Bo growled and cussed under his breath, "How'd they do that?" He asked. Luke just laughed and shruged, "I dunno..you ain't gonna let em get away with are ya?" Bo shook his head, his blue eyes hardening in determination, "No way. She wants to play rough...." Bo turned the wheel slightly and the side of the General bumped against the girls. He poured on the gas and once again pulled out ahead as the track narrowed and left little room for two cars. "We're gonna win!" Bo cried as he saw the finish approaching. Luke shook his head "I wouldn't be so sure cousin."

"What the hell Des? C'mon... I know you want to win this" Angie yelled. "Yeah I do... but what am I gonna...." Des started as she seen the General pull past a wagon. "Do IT DES!!" Angie yelled. "Hang on." Des hit the gas a bit and started up the wagon, at the right moment she layed on the gas and made the jump.

Luke stuck his head out the window and watched as Des' car sailed over their heads. Bo looked in the mirror, " Where'd they go?" He asked. Luke pointed ahead and they both watched as Des's car landed ahead of them, just beyond the finish line.

Des and Ange landed hard but soon reallized they won. "YESS!! Des you did it!!" Angi said as she started to climb out the window as Des pulled to a stop. the car stoped and Des joined Angie outside of the car... The two hugged and yelled in celebration. Then turned to watch the General come to a stop.

Bo slammed the brakes on and skidded to a sideways stop beside the girls, the other racers still not near the line. Luke just shrugged and climbed out of his window, tossing his helmet in the back seat. Bo mumbled, clearly upset they had lost and followed his cousin. Luke grinned and cried, "Congrats ladies!" Kristy, Daisy, Jesse and Cooter ran out from the stands. Kristy leapt up into Bo's arms, "Oh I'm so glad you didn't get hurt."

"I told ya ya'all would need it." Des said as she meet Luke half way between the cars. They kissed and then watched Angie and Cooter do the same. "Sorry BO!! It was a race and it coulda been worse, you coulda lost to Angie." Des joked for everone to hear it. Bo wrinkled his nose in protest and turned back to Kristy, who smiled up at him. Jesse smiled and gave Des and Luke each a pat on the back, "You all did well." Bo gave his uncle a glare, "Why ya congratulatin' him? I was the one who was drivin'," Evveryone laughed and Cooter said, "You were the one who lost." "Thanks Cooter." Bo replied with a sarcastic smirk. Cooter grinned a greasy Cooter grin and said, "You're welcome!" Everyone laughed agian and Luke turned to Des, "Shall we go celebrate?"

(cue anyone)

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kristy start's getting more panes. Luke: Kris are you ok? Luke asked Kristy. Kristy: no i am getting more panes agine i don't no what 2 do. Kristy tould luke. Luke: Bo get over here. Luke yelled for bo. Bo: what is it luke? bo asked. Luke: it's kristy she is haveing more panes. Luke tould bo. Bo go's by kristy. Kristy sits on the ground. Bo: kristy we are going to get u to the doc's now this can't be happing agine. Bo tould kristy. Kristy: bo are you crazy or something? kristy asked bo. Bo: no i am not crazy remamber what i tould you before us Dukes are here to help you out. Bo tould kristy. Kristy: yes i do reamber bo i am not that crazy and you no that. kristy tould bo. Bo: then you can trust us and you no that. bo tould kristy. Bo: what if it is something diffrent we have to take you there ok? bo asked kristy. Kristy: yes bo i do trust you and the rest of you and you no that. Kristy tould bo.

cue who everwants it

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"You up for celebrating now, honey?" Des asked Luke as she wrapped her arms around him from behind.

"Sure am!" Luke replied as he grabbed her hands and loosened them enough for him to turn around. "Hey Bo... Des and me, we're gonna take her car out for a celebration... give us a call on the cb if ya need us" Luke ran out the door pulling Des behind him.


Bo heard his cousin but didn't answer him. He pulled away from Kristy a bit to shut the door just behind him. Bo held Kristy tighly as she slept... or so he thought.

"Oh brother!" Kristy yelled as she jumped up and ran to the bathroom.

"Let her be a spell, Bo." Jesse yelled to his nephew

"Yes'ir Uncle Jesse."

A few minutes later Kristy returned with a pale face and holding her stomach. Jesse entered the room just as she sat down to cuddle with Bo, with some crackers and a glass of water.

"Thanks!" she said softly. Jesse shook his head and walked out of the room.


Luke drove Des to a spot that he liked a lot...

"Here ya are... a beautiful spot for a beautiful woman." He grinned

Des just blushed and scooted over to him in the seat. She kissed him softly and then they watched the sun set as he held her tightly on the hood of her car.

"Well my lady... shall we?" Luke said as he opened the door for Des.

Des climbed in and let Luke shut the door. Luke walked around to find Des had climbed in the back seat. "Now I know there aint much room back here honey, but there's enough for you too if you'd like to join me"

Luke didn't need to be invited more then once and hopped over the seat as well. Luke kissed Des passionately and things heated up quickly...


Balladeer: Now floks... wouldn't you know it... Daisy is working and so is Boss and Rosco... so who do you think that is coming up the Duke drive? Luke and Des better wrap things up and high tail it back to the farm. Where's Angie and Cooter anyhow?

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"What are those fellas doin'?"

" Luuuuke...." Des whined. The dark-haired Duke turned his head back from looking out the window, "Huh?" He replied. A frown crossed the young woman's face. Luke smiled and brushed a peice of hair from her face, "Sorry."

A short distance away three men dressed in sharp business suits stumbled over the rough terrian of the woods. They looked around in every direction, pointing and speaking excitedly between each other.

In a hurried rush they climbed back into their fancy forgien car and sped off towards town.

(I'll finish later....I have to go back to work now!!!)

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Just as Luke was about to start the car, having made their way back into the front seat, a loud gunshot rang out. Des's eyes widened and she dove under the dash, Luke dropped to the seat with a thud. Another shot ridled the side of Des' car, drawing a whine of protest from the woman on the floor.

Luke sat up slowly, hand reaching out to turn the engine on. His head stuck out just high enough over the wheel to drive, and that stock car was outta there faster than you can say possum on a gumbush!

The Duke drove straight back to the farm just as fast as he could. Upon arriving Cooter and Angie burst out the front door, in a frantic motion.

"Where have you been?? We've been lookin all over for ya'll!"

(cue anyone)

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Bo help me please. Kristy sead. Kristy what is it bo sead. I am getting more and more panes bo what is happing 2 me bo. kristy asked bo. How many weeks are you? bo asked kristy. I am 4 weeks bo. kristy tould bo. what you mean you are 4 weeks. bo asked kristy. Yes bo i am. kristy tould bo. Bo i am really seared right now. kristy tould bo. I know you are scahred kristy. bo tould her. Bo i really don't no what to do with the baby. kristy tould bo.

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