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"Friday Fun - Duke's Trivia"


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1.  In the episode from season 1 "Mary Kayes Baby" what is the name of The Boss from Atlanta?

2.  True or False, Bo and Luke can be seen in every episode with their Buck Knives on their belt.

3. Finish this line "Bo you drive like my fanny........"

4.  True or False, did Uncle Jesse ever break his treaty with the US of A federal government and whip up a batch of Moonshine?

5.  True or False, Bo and Luke had once been caught hauling marijuana by Rosco

6.  In the episode "Repo Men" what car does Boss want to buy for LuLu?

7.  Has Rosco ever shot someone in an episode?

8.  What is the name of the the type of Cactus that awaited the loser of the arm wrestling match between Luke and Patch?

9.  True or False, Luke once killed a man in a boxing match

10. What is the "character name" of the Woman who was pretending that she was in love and going to marry Rosco?

11. Rosco used to be a "straight as an arrow lawman" what made him give up the honest life and turn into a crooked sheriff?

12. What is the name of the Hatchapee County Sheriff?

13. True or False, Cooter once steals the presidential limo

14. What is the reason that Daisy stops driving the Roadrunner and starts driving Dixie?

15.  What is the item that Bo and Luke are accused of stealing that belonged to Gen. Stonewall Jackson?

16.  What is the General Lee's license plate number?

17.  True or False, Uncle Jesse owes a debt to an old friend that seems he can never repay. So he will do anything for them including risking Bo and Luke's probation

18. What unique food dish does Boss Hogg absolutely love?

19. How is it that Daisy came to work at the Boars Nest?

20. True or False, Uncle Jesse tells Bo and Luke that, the chances of them producing a family ranks up there with hogs producing beef

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