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I just purchased this movie spontaniously, without ever seing it before.

I found it in the Sci-Fi section, but I am not sure if it really is Sci-Fi. In fact, I'm not sure what I'd file it under.

It's about this cab driver in Chicago (who throughout the movie remains nameless, just called by his passengers as "Driver"). It's the longest night of the year, Dec. 21st and has to work all day. It's just a day in the life of just about any cab driver, picking up a variety of characters who hassle him on just about anything. Just watching this driver and how he reacts to some of these personalities are truly hillarious at times. After watching this movie twice now, I realize this character has a lot of similar thought patterns and actions that I would have done if it was me. Of course, I'm not a cab driver, and do not intend to be. But I was able to relate to this character in how he handled himself in certain situations. Has anyone here ever seen a character in a movie or show that truly relates to how you are?

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