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Movie Premiere...anyone know if...

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Ok we all know that EVIL WB did not contact any of the original cast to try and incule them, which IMO is very disrespectful.

Anyone know if the US premiere has been had? I wonder if they are inviting the original cast. I mean, to have the movie premiere with a grip of stars, and not invite the Original Cast, would be HORRENDOUS!!

Disrespectful, and rude. Dont you think?

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It's hard to know just what to believe regarding the original Dukes cast and the new movie. One of the "insiders" who was on the set told me that Jay, the new film's director, told him that the original cast members were contacted to possibly be in the new film, but each of the cast members wanted way too much money and the film's budget just would not allow it.


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Well Ive heard some of the cast say they werent asked to do or be inculded in the movie at all.

And I dont know about you, but I believe someone like John, then some WB exec.

I know E! aired a Dukes thing a few weeks back, but I MISSED IT! It was at 3am for me, and I missed it.

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The REAL reason there not in the movie is because original cast doesn't agree with the way the film was being made and the producers know it.

"They wanted way too much money and the budget wouldn't allow it " thats the best exuse Jay could come up with......LOL

The original cast was NEVER too big for their fans. If they supported the new movie they would have done cameos for the fans and the love of the show.

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