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Police Academy

Officer Barbrady

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All right, who remembers this movie (and its 1200 subsequent sequels)?

The rowdy new recruits of a New York police school raise hell and fight crime. But mostly raise hell.

On second thought I should have asked, "remember the movie with the cop that was a walking sound effect?" The standout character was probably Jones.

Ah, maybe now I can get distracted by something else. :-?

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Mahoney's job as a parking attendent....

"Park the car, butt breath."

"Butt breath?"


And then after the manger tells him to park the car, despite the lot being full, Mahoney puts the Trans Am up on two wheels and squeezes it between two other cars. "It fits!! The damn thing fits!!"

ROFLMAO. Terrible thing to do to a Trans Am but the dude that owned it didn't deserve that car anyway. LOL


"Po-lice worrrk is what youuu arrre heeere forrrrr. There will be a serieees of ex-am-in-a-tions which you....must....PASS!!"


"Guns! Guns!! When do we get guns!?!?!"




"Tackelberry!!!....we have got to talk."




"Is this a trick question?"

"No, this is not twick question!"


ROFL...I've seen just about all the movies (except the last one...Mission to Moscow??? Or something). Anyway! The guy that played Tackleberry was in an episode of the Dukes. He was the driver for that fancy pants collector looking for the Canterbury Crock.

Leslie Easterbrook (sp?) "Callahan" was also in the Dukes episode "The Fortune Tellers."

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Comedy Central just aired this the other afternoon. Ahh, what a thrill.

I've seen the first six; I don't think I want to see Mission to Moscow. The fifth and sixth ones weren't as good without Mahoney, but the other cops more than made up for it.

I almost forgot one of my favorite recurring jokes in the series: The Blue Oyster. :lol:

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