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Found 1 result

  1. Well y'all...they finally did it! Yahoo has finally opened up their fantasy NASCAR up...and guess who already made their league? I DID! I am super excited for the season to start...if you can't tell. This has got to be the LONGEST NASCAR off season ever... Just as last year, am looking to see who all would be interested in joining my league. All are welcome. It is free, easy, and all for fun! Would love to have some Duke friends/fans on my league. Here is the info you may need to join my league (Have to go to Yahoo.com. Have a Yahoo.com address I think (which is free) and go to their fantasy page and then Auto Racing fantasy...) My league's name is Gordon's Drive for Five (though you don't have to have to be a Gordon fan to play... ) Group ID Number: 947 Password: NASCAR24 Or you could send me your email address here or in a PM and I can send you an invite. That may be an easier way to do it. As I said, it is all for free and it is real simple...here is my short summary of how it works. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know and I will try to help any way I can. For all that is somewhat interested, here are some of the rules or how it works: *Every week you chose eight drivers to be in your team that week (or if you don't change it the next week, it will stay with last week's picks.) * Four of the drivers are starters, the other four are bench drivers. The starter drivers you will get points for where they qualify at, for laps led, and where they finish the race at. Whereas the bench drivers will get you points for where they qualify at ... so for them it don't matter if they finish first or last or last. *There are three groups of drivers. Group A (the more seasoned drivers, drivers that win more...) Group B (drivers that are good, but don't win as often) and Group C (the underdog drivers...the rookies and the drivers that you don't think of to win races.) *From Group A you pick one starter driver and one bench driver. From Group B you pick two starters and two bench. From Group C you pick one starter, one bench. On Yahoo they do have driver stats and expert picks that you can use from race to race - though it don't neccesarily mean a great finish (Here is an example of what a roster may look like: Group A: Jeff Gordon (S) Jimmie Johnson ( Group B: Dale Jr (S) Jamie McMurray (S) Ryan Newman ( AJ Allmendinger ( Group C: Michael Waltrip (S) Paul Menard () *For starters, you can only use a driver nine times (Bummer, I know. I'd love to use Gordon all 36 races...oh well. ) That is all I can think of as rules right now...I find it fun and entertaining. It gives me more than just Gordon, Johnson, and Jr to follow throughout the whole race. I am really looking forward to the NASCAR season to start up and to get back to playing NASCAR fantasy!
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