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  1. What, you've seen it before? Or heard of it? That's pretty awesome.
  2. I figured you guys would get a kick out of this site. It's a friend of mine's band, and they have a most peculiar means of transportation. rebel-son.com
  3. The first time I was reminded of the black General Lee was when I went to Cooter's Place in Gatlinburg, TN (Dukes Museum) and I saw a 1:18 scale American Muscle model of it. I saw a gold General model, too, with the racing digits, the flag, everything on it. Anyone know the significance of that?
  4. Does anyone know why some of the Lees have a chrome "pinstripe" stretching from the back of one side window, around the bottom of the back window, and to the back of the other side window and some don't? Is that a different model Charger? Also, I noticed Luke open and shut the door of the General in the first episode of the second season. Anyone catch that? By the way, the flag's not about slavery, tightly knit, but it's not a symbol of that.
  5. Sorry I'm posting a question to your question, but I haven't heard of that site, and you may know the answer to this: What's with the chrome pinstripe going around the back window of some of the General Lees and not others? Is that a model difference? 'Cuz I heard the Lee was made from 69s and 70 models.
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