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    Uncle Jessie579 reacted to RogerDuke in Arrest Meadowmufn again!   
    Gotta admit I made the same mistake when I first rolled into town.
    After spending a few days in solitary confinement I never made that mistake again.
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    Uncle Jessie579 reacted to GeneralLee440 in Newbie from Southern Illinois   
    Hi y'all, Im from Southern Illinois and I have been a fan of the Dukes for as long as I can remember. As everyone I have always wanted a General Lee, its my dream car. Im already a Mopar guy but have always wanted a 69 or 70 Charger, well after over 20 years my patience paid off. Im a proud owner of a 70 Dodge Charger and I plan on turning it into the General Lee. I picked it up in Oklahoma City last weekend.
    Here is my project

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