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  1. Hello, Yes, american Racing did make this style of wheel, as well as Western and Cheviot (I think thats what it was...) They're usually referred to as "Hurricane" wheels. As for the value, I've seen them go for as cheap as a hundred bucks a set to 600 bucks a set, but mostly in the 300-400 dollar a set range.
  2. ChargerCar, Look at my post in this thread for the Shelby wheels I have for sale for good pics. The only difference I really noticed is on the Shelbys, where the spoke meets the center hub ring, the radius there is much sharper than the AR's. Because of this, I think it's a much nicer looking wheel. It gives the illusion of a deeper offset to me.
  3. Howdy, I'm a noob here and Brian Coltrane directed me to this section to post Vectors I have for sale. I'm selling a full set (4) of Carroll Shelby 14x7 Vector wheels. They are stamped on the back "CSI" (Carroll Shelby International,) and have the sharp curve where the spokes meet the hub ring. (Repo Men showed a great shot of that part of the wheel...I'm sure you all remember.) Here's the catch....they're Chevy (can I say that word here?) bolt pattern which is 5x4.75. I've been told they can be drilled uni-lug for Chrysler. Also, they do not have the correct center caps. I do know where a full set can be had at a good price, and the buyer can put whatever sticker they want on them. The wheels are in good shape, but will need cleaning and painting for General Lee applications. They came off of a 1947 International pick-up that my Uncles hotrod shop is turning into a tire blazing street machine. (!) It had sat for 20 years or so. Anyway, we are asking $750 for the set, plus shipping which I can calculate later. PayPal is the preferred method of payment. If you're from Southeast Michigan, cash and pick-up will do (save on shipping!) I believe our asking price is fair, especially since the Shelbys are near impossible to find. I've only seen one other set ever, and probably a dozen sets of the 14x7 American Racing versions. Enjoy the pics, and I hope to make someones day. -Jerry
  4. Thanks, folks. It's a fun site. Before I get too carried away, does this forum have a dedicated For Sale link? I have some General wheels I need to sell for a big move...
  5. Morning, New user today....just saying hello. I was on CGLFC for a bit, but have run into account access problems, so I decided to pay a visit here. Looks like a great place to be, and I look forward to talking to you all about THE greatest TV show and car in the world. -Jerry
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