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    DaisymaeDuke22 got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Blue Christmas   
    Tonight on the Dukes unexpected snow blizzard causes trouble for the Dukes.
    Well Winter time has finally come to Hazzard but unfortunately for the Dukes
    it's been more of a pain then a joy on account of the snow their crop has
    really taken a beating and to make matters worse Luke was out driving in it
    due to the fact that he volunteered to pick up presents for the orphans.
  2. Sad
    DaisymaeDuke22 got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Blue Christmas   
    Luke Duke had just finished picking up the presents for the orphans and now
    he was making his way back to the farm but then suddenly it started snowing
    and he was having trouble seeing and just to make matters worse he hit Ice.
    Then Suddenly the General Lee started going airborn and landed upside down
    and unfortunetly Luke who had been thrown freely from the car was laying
    outcold in the ditch and he had two big bruises on his forehead.
  3. Sad
    DaisymaeDuke22 got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Angel In Waiting   
    Tonight on the Dukes: Hazzard faces a terrible tragady will it ever be the same.
    It started out as any average day in Hazzard except that it was only Luke Duke that was in the driver's seat because Bo was out of town.
    And Luke was in such an all fire hurry to back to the farm on account of Bo was coming back today that he didn't see stop sign.
    " Okay I gotcha now Luke Duke you ain't gettin' away from me this time y'hear me ". said Rosco
    " Sorry to break it to you Rosco but you is gonna have to try and catch me first". said Luke
    As Usual Luke managed to lose Rosco at Hazzard Pond but unfortunately next time he may not be so lucky.
    When Luke finally arrived at the farm Bo, uncle Jesse, Daisy was sitting around the picnic table visting and catching up
    Bo decided that he was gonna go inside and change into his normal clothes so he can do some of his chores for supper time..
    " Howdy Cousin welcome back I've missed ya so much while you was gone glad your back though". said Luke
    " Well Thanks Luke nice to see you too I had me some fun though at Taladaga sure wish you could have gone but oh well. said Bo
    2 hours later the boys was outside stacking the haybales into the haystack , milking the cows, and finally feeding the pigs.
    Later on that evening after they had finshed their supper of Lambchops , cornbread, mashed potatoes, and corn.
    Bo was so tired from his trip that he decided to hit the hay early only when he went to change into his pajama's he realized that his
    suitcase was missing that was filled with all the money he had won at the race , some other junk that he had brought back with him.
    So he came out to the kitchen and he said that his suitcase was missing and so Luke told Bo that he would go back to the bus stop and pick it up so he hopped into the General and he took off not realizing that he maybe going on what could be his last ride.
    So Luke arrived at the bus stop and saw a suitcase sitting their so he figured he would pick it up not realizing that it ain't Bo's.
    Then he hopped back into the General with the suitcase and took off not realizing that there is a car following him And he tried to do everything to shake them but for some reason they was sticking to him like glue finally one of the guys starts shooting at him, he takes about 4 shots until finally one of the bullets hits one of the General's tires and the car starts going out of the control.
    The General's windshild is cracked , 4 flat tires ,. Poor Luke ended up being thrown free from the car and he is laying unconcious facedown
    On the bottom of Stix River and unfortunetly to make matters worse it appears that Luke ain't breathing.
    Cue Anyone
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