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  1. The parade went well (Until the very end), however, the "after party" as I would like to call it, was spent at the nearest hospital. I had a REALLY bad attack. I was VERY lucky that we were able to flag a paramedic down. My oxygen levels were in the toilet, my blood pressure was sky high, and the medic didn't have to use the stethoscope to listen to my airway because she could hear me struggling to breathe. I don't remember very much from the time I started to strip to get to the injection site to the time I was in the ambulance... that's about a 20-30 minute chunk of time. I was disoriented and scared. There are things that occurred during the parade I don't even remember. At about the midway point, I started getting winded, which I remember. I remember getting badly out of step and struggling to stay in step, and I remember having difficulty remembering songs that i've known for years. After we stopped marching, we had our photo's taken, and that's about the time i realized, Oh ****.

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