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    Writer. Reader. TV show lover. Music lover. Braider. Future Cosmetologist.
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  1. My landlady is cutting the internet off during the day now, until she gets home from work. She wants me to focus more on the yard. She doesn't get home until at least six usually, and doesn't get to it until around 6:30... and that's when I'm lucky.

    Have you worked any on the story? I can help you with the piece that would contain the information I sent you, but it would require you to be online with me.

    I could write the part where Hilery and Kendra are 'speaking' however, there are rules which are to be followed by the great world of fanfiction and I would need your permission to do so. The part containing the information I mentioned in the private message I can write using Bo and Luke or Bo and Daisy. The problem is, I'm trying to not monopolize the story. Right now, hilery is a big part of the story, and I don't think that's quite fair unless you want it to be that way. I just don't know how to make Kendra a larger part of the story without your help.

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