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    Writer. Reader. TV show lover. Music lover. Braider. Future Cosmetologist.
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    Old Air Park
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    Music, shows, writing, reading, hair
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    Working on becoming a hair stylist.

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  1. That is good, great, and yikes.

    Don't feel bad. Try doing a 95 degree parade, no shade, wearing long sleeves, jeans, sneakers, and a black tricorn hat. Now THAT my friend is murder. At least you had the option of a skirt and short sleeves, and weren't marching around in the sun on black pavement. But yes, I have felt your pain. I have a parade next weekend in Galena, Maryland.

    I had a good weekend with my mom, however, I did have an attack (One which didn't obstruct my breathing for once), and I am currently running a fever. I do not know if the fever is another attack, a sinus infection, or a cold... I just know I have a freakin' massive headache.

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