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    Writer. Reader. TV show lover. Music lover. Braider. Future Cosmetologist.
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  1. Hey, just wondering how it's coming, and if you liked what I had written. If you haven't read it all yet, try to finish chapter 8 before moving on to read 9 and 10. I can change any discrepancies which occur.

    The next couple of chapters are probably more dependent on you I think. If you like, we can write them in a messenger window together. It might be easier.

    I did write another chapter today, but we are no where near being able to fit it in. It's several chapters too early... but it's not really dependent on the previous chapters. It's more a cutesy Cooter/Hilery moment which turned out to be ten pages long... and I can't break it up into shorter chapters. Go figure, right? The chapter I wrote today also deals with who Ruth is.

    Oh and I am almost forgetting to mention, it's a tear jerker chapter. I'll send it to you later, after we're closer to using it.

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