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  1. ok Thanks for your answer Werner, you really got lucky to find this Monaco only 20km to you! You did really great job! You will expose your car in car show U.S. from Belgium? I like see one of these days.

  2. Hello Wekke!

    About beautiful 77-78 Dodge Monaco did you find from Belgium?

  3. Hi,

    will play a part on a game later?

  4. Some article of yourself


  5. Ride Lonesome a good western that I enjoyed watching with an excellent cast.


    another photos of website (French): http://www.notrecinema.com/communaute/stars/stars.php3?staridx=31874

  6. Among all these photos, I bought on ebay other cap pictures on tv and I have knowledge, people who work a little in the world of TV in France (classic western movies).

  7. "Best in Hollywood" (the good the bad and the beautiful) A title that gives the curiosity and the desire reading. I'm in a hurry to read your book!

  8. Movie western "The Left Handed gun" or "Firecreek" between the two I do not know which to choose of my favorite.

  9. Hello Mr James Best,

    I want to know if you write your first book or you have already written before?

  10. very good photo sharing together! I love it!

  11. You are my only idol Mr James Best, I do not know other actors who have your talent.

    I owe you a lot for all those hours spent watching TV I'm only 23 years and for over 5 years I can not go to watch movies.

    I will be very happy to know your book on your biography, I know you as an actor but not a lot about your life.

    Among one of my dreams is to meet you in France.

  12. Hello Julieduke,

    happy to share and talk to a fan of the series!

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