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  1. OMG, just realized you're miss.prissypants25 on fanfiction.net

    I didn't know you write fanfics, LOL, and I didn't realize, 'til now, you and miss.prissypants25 are the same person. What a shame... I'm really clumsy, sometimes, LOL

  2. Great nick, LOL, I like it

  3. I've looked for your channel on youtube, but I haven't found it yet, I don't know why.

    My channel is yukino76.

  4. Great. I'm glad you're trying to write a story on your own. :-))

    BTW I like "Watermelon crawl" and how you and Elly are "painting" sweet scenes between Enos and Daisy.

  5. Hey, I'm back :-)))

  6. Hey, I've been a bit busy lately. But even if I do not log in, I read new posts every day (a quick look at HazzardNet makes me happy LOL).

    I'm reading "Watermelon". Great job. A long post is better than a shorter one. ;-)

    I can't join in (I'm very busy), but if you and Elly have a writer block, PM me (maybe I could help you with some ideas).

  7. Hey, gotta go now. I spent a nice time writing the round robin LOL (and the story is now so far.....).

    Good night (oh yeah, in Italy is 10.30 p.m., while you're still enjoying still the afternoon).

    See you!!!!

  8. I hope you're enjoying my lines... even if a bit "mad" LOL

    Anyway, it's funny, don't you think?

  9. Don't worry. But I think it's better Daisy is not pregnant right now. Uncle jesse will kill her (and Enos too, LOL).

    Maybe her period is late because of the stress (Enos's lost memory, the accident, and so on)

  10. I don't know if it works. I mean.... Last night there was their FIRST date, and ... they did? (we know they didn't, they only talked). Anyway, even if they "did it", Daisy can't be pregnant right now. A woman would know to be pregnant at least a month after their...... you understand.... LOL

  11. Hey, I'm going to write something in "Everything Daisy wants"

  12. See you later. Gotta go now. But I'll be back.

  13. Yes, I know. But I'm a bit busy lately. I hope to join in again, and I hope Elly help you to go on (you're a great writer couple, really)

  14. Thank you very much, Garrett. :-))

  15. Thank you very much. :-))

  16. Gotta go now. See you the next time. ;-)

    I hope you enjoyed the new chapter of "Fallen".

  17. I hope I didn't mess everything up with my posts in "Everything Daisy wants", last night. If I did, I'm sorry.

  18. Well, It's time to go (for me).

    It's Elly or Bethie turn to go on with the fic.

  19. Don't worry. I'm happy people join in the fic ('cause I can write only few posts during the evening).

  20. Do you know that vid?

  21. I was wondering 'bout the title of your fic "Everything Daisy wants". I've just realized that I couple of years ago I uploaded on YouTube a Enos-Daisy vid called "Everything Daisy wants", using the song "Everything you want" (a Vertical Orizon's song). LOL

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