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  1. Yesterday I saw the 5th and 6th episode and noticed that Sam had a broken arm (actually, in the previous one he told that maybe he broke his hand) so I thought: there isn't a particular reason to make it happen 'cause they don't talk about that during those episodes, so maybe the actor Jared Padaleky broke his arm, too?

    And, if yes, do you know how it happened?

  2. Finally it's began! I saw the 1st 4 episodes and it's absolutely wonderful! I like this "contrast" between the 2 brothers and the way Dean try to menage his feelings.

    An "off topic" question: the name "Dean" is the short for?

  3. The 8th of June the movie "The circuit" will be out on US, with the wonderful, beautiful Drew Fuller ("Charmed" and "Army wives")!

    For you american that have the chance to see it soon, I suggest to go to the cinema.

    For me, I hope the movie will be out in Italy, too, otherwise I'll order it on amazon when it'll be avaliable.

    Here some pictures from the official site!



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