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What's the deal with Tom Wopat's...


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more or less boycotting the Dukes. On the DVD only Daisy and Bo narrate the "behind the scenes" commentary on the first episode.

Secondly, when they have the reunion with roscoe, enos, cletidus, daisy, bo, etc Tom Wopat is no where to be found.

Is he still mad about the contract dispute and that some of the episodes got kinda cheesy over the years?

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Tom's definitely not boycotting 'Dukes' by all means. As 01 General Lee 01 said, he's very busy with broadway. He just couldn't get time off from his shows to do the extras for the DVDs. From what I've read, he doesn't mind talking about 'Dukes' with his fans, in fact, he said that he hopes the movie cast has just as much fun doing the big-screen version as he did doing the show, it goes to show that he's definitely not bitter about anything.

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I live in Wisconsin and read in an interview that Tom Wopat grew up in a town called Lodi, WI (which is outside of Madison).

A friend and I visited about 9-1o years back. The town is very small and literally had the typical "one stoplight".

We stopped at the local cafe/dinner and the waitress did not have a very favorable opinion of him. She more or less said he was a womanizer who had several different kids w/ different women (not sure if this is true or not).

We stopped at the local library and were able to see high school yearbooks of Wopat who appeared to be very active in school (acting, sports, etc) yet the town had not historical marker or mention of him. You would think a sign that said something to the effect of "Lodi, Wisconsin Home of Tom Wopat" but nothing.

The coolest part was we stopped out at the small farmhouse where Tom Wopat grew up and were even able to meet this brother! They resembed each other closely (although the brother had glasses). My friend and I left are name and address and asked if Tom could send us some items, but didn't hear back.

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Actually, Brad, the part you mentioned about Tom having several kids to different women is true. I've read several interviews about him and he said he had five kids to four women (two of the women being his ex-wives). He was married and divorced twice.

About the picture I posted, I found out it was taken in Greenville, SC on January 20, 2005. This was at his Harold Arlen tribute concert.

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It is a good picture of Tom Wopat. I want to say about 7-9 years ago both he and John Schneider played at a concert at a casino in Gree Bay, WI. A few people brought General Lee's along and I believe Sonny Schrorer was on hand as well.

It is good to see a Dukes "re-surgence" over the last 8-10 years.

I think a big "Thank You" has to go out to the former Country Music Television (CMT) who began running Dukes re-runs several years back.

The Dukes re-runs became some of CMT's highest rated shows and probably helpled lead to some bigger and better things today!

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When you saw Tom's high school photo what did he look like in it ?

was he wearing glasses in it or not ? cause I once read an interview about him that he said that his vision is less then perfect and he still looks good.

I'm just curious here but what did the farmhouse that Tom grew up in look

like ? and which brother did you meet when you stopped by.

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