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Jeb Stewart Duke

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I'd like to see Jeb mentioned more. Does anyone have seens from that show / of him?

It was the show about the sword. He is the cousin that was with Bo and Luke when they got caught running the moonshine. He was on Probation with them only he lived in Placid County. In that show he helped Bo and Luke escape by 'taking custody' of them before they were sent to prison by acting like an officer.


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Along Came A Duke (#52), season 3. Very good ep! For some reason, Chris

Hensel the guy who played Jeb Stuart... reminded me of the fella who played

"The Greatest American Hero."

Dixe, saw your post a fanfic thread and yeah that would be cool if someone ever wrote that out. =)

Unfortunally, I don't have any vid captures of this episode.

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