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Shelby Wheels vs American Racing Vector whats the diffreance?

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Hi Charger,

Welcome to HNet! I moved your post to the cars and parts section since it relates to the wheels so I apologize for any confusion.

I'm not versed enough on the wheels myself to answer your question but hopefully one of our HNet members is and can help ya out.

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Look at my post in this thread for the Shelby wheels I have for sale for good pics. The only difference I really noticed is on the Shelbys, where the spoke meets the center hub ring, the radius there is much sharper than the AR's. Because of this, I think it's a much nicer looking wheel. It gives the illusion of a deeper offset to me.

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You can see Lee01383's wheels here.

If they don't have center caps, one easy way to tell the American Racing wheels is that they should have "American Racing Equipment" stamped on the back:


If you don't find this stamp it doesn't necessarily mean you have Shelby wheels; there were other manufacturers that made this style. I found a set of Rocket Vector wheels on Ebay when I looked earlier.

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