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I'm having a problem with disc 2 of season one....the problem is with The Big Heist and Limo One is Missing :(. It freezes multiple times during T.B.H and won't even play Limo 1. :mad: I've watched this DVD before with no problems but now....:evil:. I've cleaned it with soap and water twice and even had my dad clean it....There doesn't seem to be any scratches but there are teany tiny specs/spots that don't wash off...on both sides....but only a problem with one side...:evil:...uggg....so annoying! Oh more annoyingness...this DVD plays fine in the livingroom but not in my room or on my moms computer...does that make any sense!?!

Ok I'm done ranting and raving now (maybe). Anyway does anyone know if/where I can buy a replacement DVD?


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