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Where to find the General's Grill Guard

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I did some searching around with Google and came up with this...


http://www.tautopartsdirect.com/toyota_performance/buy.php?makeid=25&year=1989&model=260∂=288&brand_id=4476&skipped=true (see the second push bar here)

I don't know for sure if these are it (or close to it). Hopefully somebody who's built a General (and included the push bar) will see this topic and chime in. My guess is tho' that it looks like the brand you're looking for is Westin.

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I am starting my own build project for a General. I know it will be be expensive. Im just trying to get the parts together right now. My problem is that I can't find the grill guard like the General's anywhere I look. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

That good news friend, if you do not mind could you post a picture??, Here in Argentina there are no cars and only have CHARGER 1 / 18, 1 / 24, 1 / 64 of collection.

Good luck with your project, expect a great reward in the end, "a treasure of happiness"

a hug.

Que buena noticia amigo, si no te molesta podrías subir alguna foto???, aquí en argentina no hay CHARGER y solo tenemos autos 1/18, 1/24, 1/64 de coleccion.

Mucha suerte con su proyecto, le espera una gran recompensa al final, "un tesoro de felicidad"

un abrazo.

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Push bars are usually available on ebay, although there were none for sale when I checked last week. I've just checked again and there's now two for sale; a kit for $349 and an assembled, but unpainted one for $399. These are more expensive than the second link posted by MaryAnne (I couldn't find a price for the first), but both are meant to be replica General Lee push bars rather than generic ones. The link below is an ebay search for 'general lee push bar', so the results will change over time:

ebay search for 'general lee push bar'

There is a link on the page for the assembled version that goes to the company's own website (Smith Bros. Restorations) where the push bar (narrow version) is available $100 cheaper ie. $299 incl. shipping to the lower 48. If you search around you can also find the wide push bar on their site for $399.99:

Smith Bros. narrow push bar

Smith Bros. wide push bar

There's a few other parts that may interest you on their General Lee page, including a roll bar and seat covers:

General Lee parts

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My apologies to the admins for posting a direct link to the confederate site.Guess I should have asked first since it got removed.I just assumed this site was on good terms with that one so I just blindly posted it. Again my apologies.

Tim, I reactivated the link, and put it directly to the push bar template thread on the cglfc site. We don't mind the occassional link to wherever else, as long as it pertains to the topic in discussion, and goes to a relevant answer. I don't know where your earlier link landed, but if it was a blind alley and left the reader to "go fish" that could have been the issue.

In the past we had issues with people putting up "go to my site!!" links all the freaking time; they'd register here in our Forums but for the sole purpose of acting as a recruitment agent for another website. Thus began our policy of keeping outside links to a reasonable minimum. If somebody sees cglfc links all over the posts, they may think it's OK to post links to their own club/site all over, and then before ya know it, it's outta control. And HNet gets in the awkward position of trying to explain why we're letting one club or site get linked to all the time, but not another one.

Of course we know you, and Cap'n Redneck, and I was friends with Dale the Bold, may he rest in peace. So please understand that this policy is not singling out the cglfc but is part of broader policy meant to balance out everybody's interests - including ours.

Thank you for understanding. If you have any questions, always feel welcome to PM me or any other admin here. Or email us at webmaster (at) HazzardNet(dot) com.

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Jon Holland has the correct early "narrow" pushbar templates available (I think it cost me $25.00, There are 2 different versions one had the lower bars that went to the valance were pointed and the other the lower bars that went to the valance were flush (I got the flush version) I have a buddy with a water jet table and I can weld them up so I should have about $180-$200 in the correct pushbar.

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