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How to respond to messages?


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Hi y'all. I'm new in town, and I've already gotten a nice welcome message from one Hazzardite.

Problem is, I can't figure out how to respond. :oops:

I realise I'm probably just being dim - and it's right in front of my nose, but... help? Please?

And how do I leave messages for others, too, please?



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Hi Susan. There's two types of messages you can post: public messages and private messages.

Roger welcomed you with a public message which appears on your profile page and anyone can read it. To reply to this type of message simply click on his name. This will take you to his profile page and you can add a 'Visitor Message' in the text box and hit 'Post Message'.

Private messages, as the name suggests, are between you and another member. The easiest way to do this is to click on the member's name at the top of a post and select 'Send a private messge to <member's name>'. If you happen to be on their profile page you can also click on 'Send Message' just below the member's name and pick the option there. Private messages are sent in virtually the same way as public ones, so you should be ok there. I'll send you a private massage so you can see how they work.

If you have any trouble posting messages just reply to this thread and one of us will give you a hand.


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Thanks Hoss, I have actually got this figured out now- I think! Lol!

It seems that what had happened was my computer playing silly beggars and not showing things that it should - such as links and spaces for replies! (Grrrrr....)

Thanks again! :)


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hey, I have the same problem as already mentioned by Susan, I´ve been welcomed by HossC and Carlos-Argentino, thank you very much :), but there is no space or something for a reply.

Is that because I´m new, because my computer is playing tricks on me or maybe I´m just blind, which is of course possible aswell:-?


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