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Hi. First of all, I'm a reader, now a writer, but I enjoy most of the stories I find here. Is there any Enos/Daisy/boys writer willing to take on the time period between them all leaving Hazzard and meeing at the reunion? I mean, about Daisy meeting LJ, how Luke got into firefighting, Bo into NASCAR, etc. I am into Daisy/Enos, so I'd like something that covers his reaction to her marriage, going to college, etc, but would take anything. I'm not a fan of 500 page, one liner stories, but would appreciate anyone's feedback. No flames, please, I really am an avid fan of DOH. Thanks, Marilyn

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I love everything 'bout Enos/Daisy.... you know, LOL

All my fics are centered on this beautiful couple.

Anyway, I've never written something 'bout what happened after the series ended and before the reunion; in effect, I don't like very much the reunion.

I can't imagine Daisy marrying L.D. and going to University (:-?), nor Luke leaving Hazzard to become a firefight (:-o), nor Bo leaving for NASCAR (oh... well... Bo and NASCAR is the only thing likely to happen).

I prefer writing something 'bout the original 7 series (canon fics), or something 'bout few after the show ended (but not 20 years after).

Just a personal taste.

I'd like to read some good story 'bout Enos/Daisy, and not "only" to write stories. I really miss good Enos/Daisy fics. I'm looking for it everywhere in the web.

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Hey Marilyn, I didn't even know you had a challenge out about what my story is about. I know you've been on FF.net, but in case anyone else is wanting to read something that deals with at least the Daisy/Enos part of the challenge, that's what "Beneath a Hazzard Moon" is about. (You can find the link in the Fanfic Annoucements section)

It's set 4 years after the series ended with Daisy having have been married to LD and Enos is in LA, and mostly deals with the reasons behind what happened between them and the subsequent fallout...along with a murder mystery.


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