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His secret life character might die!!!!!!

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Look here's what happened...

They showed one half of the first season, then took it off the air to replace it with something else that needed showing for a few weeks, then put the rest of the season back in the programming. All Season One.

Season 2 is just starting on television now.

The 1st season dvd will be sold as a whole because there's no reason for it not to be. It was only the broadcasting station that split it. Like if they showed half a Dukes season, stopped the broadcasting, then showed the rest.

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Emy, no one is ganging up on you. I am in agreement with Bo. I don't see how that is ganging up on you... Bo is right on this one. That's all there is to it...and as far as ganging up on you "as usual"...I never even speak to you except on occasion, so how is it that I usually gang up on you? If you want to resign from the thread go ahead, but it's your choice. No one is asking you to or forcing you too.

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It was NOT promoted as Season 3. They explained on the website that Season One was split into two halves when they did it. What is airing on television now is Season Two. Look it even says it on the official website


The only reason I watched Secret Life was to see John. I bought the series, but I never saw the part where John left. I thought I heard they had him die in an airplane crash. Is this true?

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