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Sonny in a show or movie, wow!

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i was surfing around Google and i was looking on topics of Sonny Shroyer and i found something on Wikipedia about him, it said he played in a movie called Fast last year, i did know that! i never seen it advertised or if its a TV series either it was a huge surprise

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ignore the title i meant to type somethin else
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okay i was surfing again and its amazing what ya can find

along with Fast last year in '08 Sonny is also appearing this year of '09s movies as follows that i found on Google:

Opening Day (post-production) Ray Hampton (his character

Our Child is Missing (post production) Ed Walker (his character)

Van Wilder: Fresman Year (completed production) Coach (his character)

man i wish i could see these , all these movies or shows, dangit and i kinds wanna see his movie Fast since hes in it

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