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Smallville(8th Season 2008-2009)


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These are the first four episodes so look out there going to be good, ya I know there's no Jonathon and Martha Kent or Lex Luthor but we still got Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan yet.

Episode 8.1 Odyssey Septemeber 18, 2008

8.2 Plastique September 25, 2008

8.3 Toxic October 2, 2008

8.4 Instinct October 9,2008

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Waiting for the next episode then.

Quick Quote here from Season Five episode called "Exposed" and here goes and now it's Chloe and Lois at the Metropolis Police Station and there talking to a lady detective there and it goes like this "So This is Police Talk for File This Under The Rug" and Chloe gets Lois to leave real fast about that right there.

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Smallville has been picked up for a Ninth Season(2009-2010) talk about when the show first started they predicted seven seasons and that was it.

All the episodes of the Eighth Season right here and now.

Odyssey 8.1 Sept 18, 2008. Plastque 8.2 Sept 25, 2008. Toxi 8.3 Oct 2,2008. Instinct 8.4 Oct 9, 2008. Commetted 8.5 Oct 16, 2008. Prey 8.6 Oct 23, 2008. Identity 8.7 Oct 30, 2008. Bloodline 8.8 Nov 6, 2008. Abyss 8.9 Nov 13, 2008. Bride 8.10 Nov 20, 2008. Legion 8.11 Jan 15, 2009. Bulletproof 8.12 Jan 22, 2009. Power 8.13(2009). Requim 8.14 (2009). InFamous 8.15 March 15, 2009. Turbulence 8.16 March 19, 2009. Hex 8.17 March 26,2009. Eternal 8.18 April 2, 2009. Stilleto 8.19 April 23, 2009. Beast 8.20 April 30,2009. InJustice 8.21 May 7, 2009. Doomsday 8.22 May 14,2009.

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This is probably one of the only tv shows that I think has gotten better with time (Except for when they kill off Jonathan, that ain't cool!!!). I really need to buy the seasons... I only own the 5th season and I borrow the others from my friend, (I think I've pretty much worn her DVD's out... I may have to buy her a new set. LOL)

I just watched 'Exposed', the one with Tom Wopat in it... So funny! I still remember the first time I saw it and that blue charger drifted around the corner, and I told my mom that if Tom Wopat got outta that car I was gonna scream... Sure enough... LMAO!

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