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CMT's show born country...


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Psh. It wasnt worth it. Course, maybe I'm being mean cause I didnt get on there. Honestly though, two of them went to find their true love, and the man in the married couple was WAY too jealous. I'm thinking "Uh HELLO! She's wearing those shorts, she's gonna get lots of guys hitting on her, GET OVER IT!"

Me and my friends were being considered. It was gonna be three of us from different states traveling together to go meet the cast... specifically Catherine, lol. One of the girls (me) was gonna go to meet Catherine, because I didnt really meet her last year. The other two had their own reasons for going too. But we all had a common goal: Going to Dukesfest together.

SO I kinda wonder if we said we were going to meet our Bo Dukes or Luke Dukes or Enos Strates if we woulda been put on. Oh well. Wasnt worth it.

Honestly, I think I could pull off a much better tv show than THAT. I think that show makes fun of country people... but thats just me!

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