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(For me, B.L Davenport and/or DaisyMaeDuke to do)

"Why is it that whenever he looked at me with those big blue baby eyes of his and gives me that stupid kicked puppy dog look, all my resolve melts away and I find myself going along with whatever he wants..."

"Hey you, I heard that. And it's because I have more charm than you..."

*snorts* "More charm...you have about as much charm as a rattlesnake does..."

"Well I would say I've had more time to perfect my technique than you, but then I remember your the elder one of us..."

"Bo, if you don't shut yer trap i'm gonna shut it for ya..."

*sing song voice* "Love to see you try when your all tied up..."

"Look, just get over here somehow an' see if you can reach my pocket knife..."

"Alright..." *pause* "An' while y'all are there laughin' at our banter an' wonderin' what the heck is goin' on, why don't ya take a look an' see how we got into this prediciment in the first place..."

"You mean how you got us into this prediciment in the first place..."

"Luke, do you want me to untie you or not..."

Friends, we'll just leave them there to argue it out, and i'll tell you what's been happenin' to those Good ol' Duke boys in Hazzard County this time...


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It had started off as a normal day for the Dukes, so far as normal goes in Hazzard. The boys had woke up, done chores and ate breakfast as usual, and then, having no other must-dos for the day decided that it was the perfect day to go fishing...

Luke baited the hook skillfully, with precision. He had stuck his finger so many times before that he had learned to put the struggling worm on quickly, having casted his line before Bo had even managed to get the worm halfway on his hook. Luke couldn't help smiling. When they were younger, he and Bo would have contests to see who could be baited and have their hook cast into the water the quickest. Luke always won, not only because he was more nimble with his fingers, but because Bo was too tender-hearted, dreading to put the worm on the hook and watch it struggle. That and the fact that he usually stuck his finger trying to be quicker than his cousin had been his downfalls...and from the looks of things, he hadn't gotten any better as the years passed.

"Bo, I'm gonna be eatin my catfish by the time you get that worm on there..."

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Bo stopped what he was doing and case a scowl over at his older cousin. This was just one of the parts he hated about fishing, having to bait the hook. Not only because he felt sorry for the blasted wriggling things that not only got to be speared on a hook but also drowned then gobbled by a fish, but he also managed to spear himself a couple of times too.

The only thing really he enjoyed about fishing was that it gave him the chance to be with Luke otherwise he wouldn't bother with it at all. He didn't actually like to bash the poor fish round the head to kill it or particularly like dragging the animal from its watery home...whatever did it do to deserve that anyway?

As he scowled at Luke, he said rather grumpily.

"Look, you want it done quickly and properly then do it yerself. I'll take my time thank ya."

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Luke smirked a little. He was debating about asking Bo if he wanted his "Big Bwover" to do it for him as he would so often ask when he was knee-high to a grasshopper, but changed his mind when he felt a tug on the line. Quickly he let out more line knowing if he jerked right away he most likely would come up with an empty hook.

"They's really bitin' t'day...must be goin' t' rain..." he whispered.

A thought suddenly occurred to him. "You fixed those shingles on the roof...right?"

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Bo threw his rod down in frustration, partly at being speared again for the 5th time, and glared at Luke again.

"Yes of course I fixed the dang shingles. I dang near fell off the roof fixin' them, but I guess you don't remember that cause you were too busy laughin' at the fact I fell off in the first place!"

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Bo sighed and continued to look at the floor, not knowing what to say or really what to believe anymore. He had always thought himself a bother if he was perfectly honest with himself and many times when he was younger he had been genuinly surprised that Luke had put up with him...he guessed he was only just now finding out exactly how much of a bother he was to his older cousin..

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