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Just to see everyone's tastes. All through the 7 season of Hazzard, we could see the actors/actress changing; so, I'd like to know in which season you prefer your fave (or not fave) character (phisically speaking).

I start, even if it's a difficult choise: so, about Luke he seems to haven't this big change; Bo, instead, grow a lot during the years and I like him in every episodes.

But, having to choose I say 3 moments of the show: the absolutely 1st episode of season 1; "Welcome back Bo 'n Luke" in season 5; the episode in season 7 when the boys are arrested and made forced work: in this episode Bo is absolutely wonderful!

Now your turn!

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I agree, John Schneider is the one that changed the most throughout the whole series. And it doesn't surprise me, since he was so young when "Dukes" started.

And in "Welcome back Bo 'n Luke" he's absolutely delicious!! I haven't seen season 7 yet, but I've seen some screen captures (especially of the episode you mentioned, "Cool Hands Luke and Bo"), and I have to say that the John we see in season 6 and 7 is definitely my fav! :)

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