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David Hasselhoff "Looking For Freedom"

Do you have this or would you buy if you ever found it in the record store?  

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  1. 1. Do you have this or would you buy if you ever found it in the record store?

    • Yes, I kinda of Curious
    • I own it allreadry
    • No Way.

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David Hasselhoff "Looking For Freedom" 1989 Only released in Germany. So if there any German Duke Fans this Cd might be in your collection probaly with your hard to get rid of cd's.

1. Is Everybody Happy (4:28)

2.Lonely Is The Night (3:26)

3.Je T'aime Means I Love You(4:01)

4.Sheltered Heart (4:44)

5.Torero- Te Quero(4:01)

6.Yesterday's Love (4:17)

7.Looking For Freedmon(3:56)

8.Flying On The Wings of Tenderness(3:50) David's favorite of the album.

9.Lady (3:48)

10.Song Of The Night (3:59)


12.After Manana Mi Ciello(3:19)

13. Amore Amore(3:34)

The only two songs I've heard of this album is Number Seven and Three. I've seen there videos on Youtube. I think Looking For Freedom is one of his most serious compared to his later video's. I have the lyrics for this entire album but David doesn't want anybody posting the Lyrics to anywhere.

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1. Hooked On A Feeling

2.More Than Words Can Say

3. I live For Love

4. Never My Love

5. Santa Monica Nights

6. Hold On My Love

7.Slow Night In The City

8.Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye

9. Queen of Rain

10. I'm Your Lover

11. Beach Baby

12. If I Had One Wish

14. Hooked On a Feeling(Radio Mix)

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1. Night Rocker

2. Crazy On A Saturday Night

3. Do You Love Me

4. Our First Night Together

5.She Cried

6.No Way to Be In Love

7.Any Kind of Love At All

8.All The Rights Moves

9.No Words For Love

10.Let It Be Me

11. Medly: She Cried/All The Right Moves/Our First Night Together

12. Night Rocker(extended Blaster-Mix)

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That's interesting. I personally have is American release cd simply called "David Hasselhoff" and the "Baywatch Soundtrack" the one is twelve years old and the other is thirteen years old right now. I have about five different John Schneider Cd's and three on cassette tape as well and two 45 records right now. I have maybe two or Three Tom Wopat 45 Records and his 2000 cd where he sings all the classics and the Dukes of Hazzard Soundtrack. The Hasselhoff cd's I listed the songs of are very hard to find in America or anything Hasselhoff his music just isn't very popular here.

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