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New users - read first! Please. LOL


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Howdy folks!

MaryAnne here with some general guidelines for y'all on registering to use our forums. In the past the registration process has never been an issue, but as of late we here at HNet have noticed an increased amount of bounced emails from newly registered users and some long existing users. Granted, some of the bounced emails come from the spammers who try to join up and we're pretty diligent in stopping them and removing their accounts. However, we want to make sure that the folks out there who really want to use this board register correctly so they can use this board.

Given this is a public forum board, you might be wondering when the heck an email message would come into play. Well, there's a few times when an email message would come into play.

1. When you first register to use the forum, you will receive a confirmation email with your user name and password.

2. Once your account has been activated, you will recieve an email notification.

3. If you select to be notified of new private messages, you will receive an email notification of such.

4. If you chose to "watch" a topic, you will receive an email notifying you of new posts to that topic.

Needless to say, when an email address turns out to be junk, the HNet Moderator's inboxes get filled with a lot "Mail Delivery Failure" notices. LOL

So...with that in mind please note the following:

1. You must sign up with a legtimate email address.

Not only should your email be legit, you should make sure to enter it in correctly when you sign up. We have no way of knowing if the email is legit but spelled incorrectly when the message bounces back to us.

Please note, also, that putting "www" infront of your email will cause messages to bounce and your account will not be activated. Do not put "www" infront of your email address.

Any messages that bounce back to us from new users, the account will not be activated. To use your account you will have to email us through the feedback form and provide a legtimate email address. At that point we will then activate your account. (And you'll get the message saying it's activated! 8) )

2. Please set your spam settings for your email to recognize and allow the "hazzardnet.com" domain to make it to your inbox. You should also allow for "aol.com" and "yahoo.com". I know of atleast one person who signed up here at the forums, had trouble logging in and emailed us for help but when we emailed her back (from both AOL and Yahoo) our message bounced back saying we were not accepted. Folks...need I explain more? LOL. Help us to help you! :D

If you change your email address after your account is activated and any messages come bouncing back to us for some reason, your account will be disabled until you shape up. LOL.

Okay, that should just about cover it. Really the email thing is the only issue we're having thus far.

I should also disclose that we do not collect email addresses to give to third parties for marketing purposes or any of that crap, so no worries that we're secretly monitoring any of your email communications. The NSA is probably already doing that. :wink:

Thank you for your consideration and welcome to HNet! :D


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