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What're your favorite comments by our beloved balladeer?

From the episode The Treasure of Soggy Marsh they are:

"We're about to see an interesting experiment in physics, the one about the irresistible force and the immovable object...and somebody better duck!"

"Now what kind of fella could see a woman that looks like that and that's all he can think of to say. He must be a city boy."

The one that ALWAYS comes to mind is "The Hazzard County carwarsh" when Roscoe, his deputies and their cars all wind up in a lake.

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"If it weren't for bad luck the Dukes wouldn't have any luck"

"Duke luck"

"If it were raining soup the Dukes would have thier bowl upside down" or something like that

and also didn't he say something along the lines of

"When you couldn't hit the ground with your hat."

I also loved how he refered to ponds and puddles as the Hazzard Car Wash.

Waylon had some great lines.

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"Ya ever have one of them days where ya couldn't hit the ground with your hat?"

Thats the quote I was thinking of!

From Welcome Waylon Jennings

"Doen't that just blow your hat in the creek"

Luke: "Is that who I think it is?"

Waylon: "Yes sir, them boys is quick."

Bo: "Yeah, its Waylon"

"I only gave 'em one hat. That'd give 'em something to fight over."

"The news traveled through the Hazzard Hotline quicker than a room getting dark when the light was blown out."

"If it weren't for bad luck, the Dukes wuldn't have any luck at all."

"Now I would have joined in but I didn't want to hurt my hand."

"It's down right tuckering being in the middle of one of these Duke things."

From Daisy's Shot Gun Wedding

"Them Dukes just can't resist a fence, can they?"

"Flash chewed Boss and Rosco free. It took about two hours."

"One thing about a family, though, they may get in the way sometimes, but when you really need 'em, nothing else works as good."

(Ain't that the truth! Family gotta love 'em, even when they get on your nerves!)

From Brotherly Love

"Now you can't see the wheels spinning in Enos's head 'cause they're so tiny. But they're really humming

Hey how can I get the quotes to be easier to read?? The light blue in the blue box seems hard to read imo. thanks.

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Funny how many of those quotes start with, "Now friends and Neighbors...."

Here's mine:

"Now General Lee was highly respected in Hazzard County. Both the confederate general, and the Duke boy's race car. The first one was a great leader, and so was the second one....on the dirt track circuit."

-A few seconds later comes "Murphy's Law"- ;)

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