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A Fall Lullaby

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Hey y'all. I'd love to hear what y'all think. PM me any comments, dislikes, likes...anything. I've been dablin' with the story line for a few days now. If anyone seems to like it I'll post up the rest of it!! See ya 'round


It was that time of year again. Leaves of gold and orange draped the once lush lawns. Winds began to rattle the naked branches and crops were being harvested. Small children were bundled up in their jackets and scarves. Homes smelt of bubbling cider, warm apple pie, and the sweet smell of burning wood.

Uncle Jesse sat at the kitchen table peeling apples as the house buzzed. A warm fire crackled in the hearth, the finest smells of engulfed the small farmhouse, the best china sat on the table, candles were burning and the flickers light up the room.

“Jesse, I think Daisy just pulled up!†Called Lillian- uncle Jesses wife, from the bedroom.

Uncle Jesse quickly put the apples in a bowl and wiped his hands on a towel as he headed out to the front porch. And who else would be pulling up but sweet lil’ Daisy in her red minivan.

“Uncle Jesse!†Daisy cried and ran up to him and kissed him on the cheek and threw her arms around his neck, “how are you and Lillian?†She asked.

“Oh, just fine. We’ve actually been-“ but he was interrupted by two shrieks as two small girls in braided pigtails came running up to him and hugged him. “Great Uncle Jesse!†the girls yipped. “Do you have anything for us?†they both asked.

“Emma! Mary Anne! What did I tell you about in the car?†Daisy scolded the two girls. “Now you apologize to Uncle Jesse.†Daisy said, hands on hips.

“Sorry Uncle Jesse.†The twins said in unison.

“Now Daisy, you can’t be to hard on the girls. ‘Sides, it’s a holiday! Now girls, if your mother lets you, y’all can go feed Marcy’s foal. Who knows, you might even find a lil’ surprise in the hayloft with your name on it.†The old man had a twinkle in his eyes.

Both girls shrieked and ran off to the barn. Daisy sighed and looked over at uncle Jesse and rolled her eyes. “I swear, those two girls will be the end of me! And they haven’t even hit puberty yet!†she laughed. “Johnny! Would you come out here and say hello to Jesse?†she called to the thin ten-year-old boy standing against the car.

“Hello Uncle Jesse.†He gave a half smile and then sighed, didn’t wanting to be there right now. His light auburn hair was brushed and he had to wear a button up shirt and nice pants, “Ah mom, can’t I just wear jeans? I hate wearing all this dressed up stuff.†He had complained early this morning.

“Woowee Johnny boy, you sure have grown since the last time I’ve seen you. Another three inches minimum.†Jesse smiled, which made Johnny feel a bit better. He hated be treated like a kid. “Now I’ve got something for you up in the hayloft too. Why don’t you go and make sure your sisters don’t go off with Marcys.†He smiled.

“Yes sir!†he smiled and jogged off towards the barn. “He’s just growin’ up Daisy. Don’t you worry; he’ll grow out of this phase. The boys did… out of the phase I mean. They never did grow up.†He laughed. Daisy rolled her eyes. “Enos hunny! Come over here!†she called to Enos who was in the back on the van grabbing two bag full of gifts. “Howdy sir!†Enos smiled and extended a free hand. Uncle Jesse scoffed and hugged Enos, “You can call me Uncle Jesse now Enos.†He laughed. “Now you two come on inside, and say hi to Lillian while we wait for the boys.â€

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“Kate and Ben! If you two don’t stop arguing I’m going to wash your mouths out with soap. You hear?†Cathy Duke cried from the front seat. Luke laughed and leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, “ah Cathy, lighten up. It’s Thanksgiving and after being cooped up in this car for six hours their energy is about to burst.†He smiled. “But you two mind your mother. I’m sure when we get there y’all can run outside for a while before supper. Maybe Uncle Jesse fixed up that old truck Ben, I can give you a lesson out in the old pasture if you’d like later.â€

“You mean it dad!†Ben cried excitedly from the back seat. The thirteen-year-old boy was getting extremely into cars and whenever he had a chance to drive anything he’d jump at the chance.

“Sure, why not. By the time I was your age I knew how to drive the truck.†Luke said.

“Mama!!†Kate wailed. “When can I learn how to drive!?†she asked.

“Oh Kate, your still too young. Maybe when your thirteen…maybe!â€

“But that’s a whole two and half years away!†Kate sighed.

Meanwhile Bo was driving up Cripple Creek Junction with his family. Elizabeth was holding their newest addition to their family; their six-month year old baby boy-Adam. Along in the back seat was their three-year-old girl Jessica and five-year-old Brittany. Both girls were silently sleeping, after being up early to get driving out to Hazzard County.

“We’ll be there in about fifteen minutes Liz.†He whispered to her, “and once we’re there you can lay Adam down for a nap and,â€

“Bo lookout!†Elizabeth yelled and Bo quickly slammed on the brakes.

“Are y’all okay?†Bo asked breathlessly.

“Yes, startled and awake but fine.†Elizabeth replied, wide-eyed.

“Whoever that driver was, I’m going to give them a piece of my mind!†Bo grumbled as he slammed the door. And who else would be standing there but Luke.


“Bo? I didn’t think you were coming this year. I thought you and Liz were going up to her parents place.†Luke said as he hugged his cousin.

“We had a change in plans. Well geez Luke, thanks for almost driving us clear off the road!†Bo laughed.

“Hey, we had the right away. I’m glad to see your driving has improved.†Luke laughed.


“What no General?â€

“Are you kidding me, a four hour drive in there with a baby and two young girls? You’ve gotta be kidding me.†He laughed. “Well I guess we should be heading to the farm. See you there.†He smiled and the two cousins went back to their own cars and started down the road to Uncle Jesses farm.

(more to come!!)

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[Wow, sorry I totally forgot about this in here]

“Oh! Mary Anne, look!†Emma squealed from the hayloft. “Each of us have a pretty box with our name on it!†She giggled as her sister climbed up the latter. “Here,†she said as she handed Mary Anne her box and both girls quickly tore through the package. “Oh! Look!†Emma cried as she held up a pretty doll with auburn hair, pale brown eyes, and a tiny tea-cup dress the beautiful shades of crimson and orange.

“Well look at mine!†Mary Anne smiled and hugged her dainty doll, that had a dress on of hunter green and eyes were the color of dark chocolate, like hers.

“Johnny? Come up here, there’s something for you too!†Emma called to Johnny who was standing down with Marcy and her foal. He gazed up to the girls and finally decided to go on up.

He wasn’t quite as hasty as his smaller sisters, and unwrapped his gift with his sisters beating eyes watching over his shoulder. As he pulled away the box he couldn’t help but smile. Inside was a brand new car model kit, with a huge collection of paints. “Wow.†he gasped and took it out, and something fell to the bottom of the box. Johnny looked in and pulled out a key, and his eyes widened.

“Oh my gosh! It’s the key!†he exclaimed.

“What key? I want it! I wanna see it!†the girls pleaded from behind him.

“To Uncle Jesse’s pick up truck!†he smiled and held the key up, just to make sure it was real.

“Emma! Mary Anne! Johnny! Come out here would you?†Enos called from the back porch of the farmhouse.

The three children scampered down the latter and ran out of the barn and into the farmhouse where everything was buzzing. Luke had shown up with Cathy, Ben, and Kate and Bo was right behind with Liz, baby Adam, Jessica and Brittany.

“Oh my goodness! Ain’t he the most precious thing!†Lillian gloated and picked up baby Adam who was cooing and sucking on his fingers. “He looks like you Bo.†She smiled and winked, “Just what we need, another one of you in the family.â€

“Haha. Funny Lillian.†Bo smirked.

“Girls, how about y’all run outside while we finish everything in here. Then y’all can come back in when its supper time.†Liz told Jessica and Brittany. “But stick close please!â€

“Hey Ben how about you and Johnny go up to the hayloft and bring down the gifts for all the youngins’ since they can’t climb the latter.†Bo told the two boys.

“Ben, you’re not going to believe what I got.†Johnny smirked.

“What?†Ben asked.

“The keys to Uncle Jesse’s truck.†He smiled and held up the keys.

Ben gaped at the keys, and Johnny laughed. “You want to take it out?†Ben looked at the keys, mesmerized. “I don’t know Johnny; it’s not the grown-up thing to do. I mean we’re the oldest men out here…besides our dads…and we have to act like reasonable men.†He paused then smiled, “Let’s take it out after supper.†He laughed and started climbing the latter and threw down the gifts to Johnny.

Each girl got a beautiful doll, and the five young girls squealed over Marcy’s foal and pet it and fed it bits of carrots. “Isn’t she just the cutest thing?!†Mary Anne smiled and gave the little foal a kiss on the forehead.

Back inside the farmhouse Enos, Bo, Luke, and Jesse were all sitting down in the kitchen while Daisy, Elizabeth, Cathy, and Lillian were finishing getting everything out of the stove and putting it on plates.

“My, this is the first year in, why, at least five years since the whole family has been together.†Jesse beamed. “I sure have missed seeing y’all.â€

“How are you and Lillian?†Luke asked.

“Oh we’re fine. Just fine.†Uncle Jesse quickly smiled and then got up and walked to Lillian. “Supper ready sweetheart?†he asked.

“Yup, call the kiddies in.†she patted his cheek.

“Kids! Come on in and wash up for supper!†Jesse hooped from the front porch and all the kids came scampering in from the barn.

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