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Any Pictures of the Dixie Decal on the side of Daisy's Jeep


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I have searched here I have spent a ton of time on the internet searching I need a good picture of the Dixie Decal on the side of Daisy's Jeep. I can't find a good screen capture or picture of it. I know it is a golden Eagle edition and I know where to get that decal but I need a good Picture so I can have a local company recreate me a vinyl graphic. If anyone has a picture of it please email it to vstar650vt@yahoo.com

Thanks a Bunch!


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hey i took pictures of dixie when i went to cooters place, i got some dreat shots of the decals because i was hopeing to turn my cj into the dixie...i took a whole bunch of them, but im not sure how to post them on this site... if you give me your email ill send them to you... they're great shots of the real thing

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