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Starsky & Hutch DVDs available

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:D I am very interested in getting the Starsky and Hutch DVDs (first have to get a DVD Player :roll: ) It has been forever since I seen the show, but I had enjoyed watching it when it was on TNT before. They need to have more shows out like Starsky and Hutch and the Dukes. Well...that is my opinion for what it is worth.

I had also seen the DVD set at a Walmart close to where I live...it was around that price. Like $35 or so.

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I always have fun watching Starsky and Hutch episodes. It's edgy and melodramatic. Also had it's share of humorous moments. Paul and David had a good rapport both on the screen and off; and that chemistry added nuances to the show that scripting alone didn't create.

Sometimes the show fell into a pattern, where the bad guys du jour were trying to find interesting and creative ways to eliminate a cop. You could summarize some eps in the following:

Starsky gets captured by a cult that intends to make a sacrifice out of him. Hutch panics.

Starsky gets captured by a bad guy who slowly poisons him. Hutch panics.

Hutch is missing after a hitman shoots out a tire and his car goes careening off a cliff. Starsky panics.

Hutch is missing, and poisoned, and captured by a bad guy. Starsky panics.

I'm poking a little fun at them here, but the above descriptions more or less give an accurate ep synopsis. But in truth, it was the bad guys that usually had to panic. Pound for pound, I think the detective duo killed more bad guys outright, than they ever arrested. Talk about a homicide unit.

I recall one ep, where Hutch was kidnapped by bad guys ( and yes, Starsky panicked ) and once Hutch was thrown out of the car, Starsky took a few crazed shots at the fleeing vehicle's gas tank and blew it to firey smithereens. I think he got three or four bad guys right there.

Which is why I avoid Bay City at all costs. No wonder so many bad guys find their way to Hazzard County!


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