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My experience at Dukesfest

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Great pics and a good blog there. I noticed on Sunday that John kept letting in a few more fans at a time for autographs, long after he was supposed to be done for the day. Not only that, but when the General Lee jump was scheduled to start, John waved away his support staff, and told them, "Go watch the jump!" He sent away his own help. How cool is that?

John seemed to be enjoying the heck outta himself at DukesFest. The weather was brutally hot, the lines were insane, and I'm sure he could have took off whenever he felt like saying "enough" and hid inside some air conditioning. Instead, he stayed and signed autographs, and he was as pleasant and cordial as could be. Terrific guy.

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I am so glad that John kept signing all day on Sunday, even though he didn't have to. I was one of the lucky ones that got in to meet him after they had tried to officially close the line.

I got a late start on Sunday and didn't get there until about 12:45 only to find out that they had "closed" John's line an hour earlier. I walked away disappointed, but was wandering around the autograph tent later when I heard that there was a possibility they may re-open the line. I decided to try my luck since one of my "missions" on this trip was to meet John. I was about 30 back from the "closed" barrier that they had up when they started letting people up by ones and twos. Then, right before John went on stage they announced that in about 5 minutes they were going to fill up the line inside the autograph tent one more time, and that if we wanted to wait for about 45 minutes, until John got off stage, we could meet him. I decided to this time I was about 20 back from the front, it wasn't until they actually let us into the tent that I was sure that I was going to get the chance to meet John.

I am so glad I waited. I only got about 45 seconds of his time, enough for him to sign the cast picture I had, and to snap a polaroid, but it was enough.

I've now met all living Dukes cast members (except Peggy Rae). I'm so glad I met John. It was about 4:30 by the time I got in, and he was still smiling and seemed to be having a great time.

Dukesfest 2005 was a great time!!!!!!



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This was my second time I have attended Dukefest (last year was my first time) and I have got to say that it was as great as the first one that I attended. Perhaps better since John Schneider was there this year! Gotta love him, but it was great to see Ben, James, Catherine and Rick as well!

The only regret that I have this year, that I was unable to meet John personally and get his autograph. I wanted soooo much to get his, I got everyone elses last year (except for Catherine's) ...but John's. But his line was so long and I had to chose to just stand in line for hours or to listen and watch the performances. I chose to watch the performances on stage. Which I thought was excellent. I got to meet Keni Thomas and Glenn Cummings and they were both very friendly and welcoming to us. It was nice to see upcoming Country singers being so friendly with appreciative towards them. The music was great...I enjoyed Ben's band last year and once again this year. It was great to see John perform personally! He seemed to be enjoying himself very much on stage and when I did see him as did the other actors and singers.

The jumps were as exciting as they were last year. I was surprised to hear that Cooter donated his OWN General Lee from his museum for the jump - I wonder if he regrets it now. Cory really did a job on the landing and all.

Glad to hear that others had a great time, as I did. As I said, my only regret is being that I was unable to meet John. Though I don't know if I would change anything if I went back, if I were to meet John, I'd have had to miss out on his singing and him on stage. So I guess it all worked out for me. :)

~Garrett Duke~

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Hi fans,

I have been watching the show since it first hit the airwaves back in 78'. I have only met one of the boys, Tom. Watched him act in a play and afterwards, he sang in the Rehersal shed.

I, over the years, would catch an ep, and therefore, kept the show in the back of my mind. My last rekindle of the show got me a shocked reaction when I found out that the show is huge now! And a dukefest? What have I been missing?

I always wanted to meet Jimmy Best.....and John of course, my hunk. I sure hope both of them come next year! I hear there is another duke type festival in May? I have to go.

Thanks for listening!

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